Rodeo Party

Wild West Round-Up -5yr- The Soda Saloon




Jayess in MS United States


March 2001


Honorable Mention

Wild West Round Up  When my little boy turned 5 we had a western party. They enjoyed themselves. 

FOOD- Corral Salad, Rustler Ribs, Branded Bake Potatoes, Biscuits, Buffalo Bean Bucket, a Covered Wagon Cake, Ice cream 

INVITATIONS-have a WANTED poster said WANTED Pioneers, Prospectors, Pony Express Riders, Cowboys& Indians-even outlaws-for the BIGGEST ROUND-UP THIS SIDE OF DURANGO WILD WEST ROUND-UP IN THE (street name) TERRITORY ON (child's name) RANCH (address and phone number)  COME DRESSED FOR THE WEST  

DECORATIONS-Have two poles and stretched across the top is ranch name, maybe swing doors (used cardboard and painted), red and white gingham tablecloths, plates, napkins, have a wagon, cacti for centerpiece, have a SODA SALOON-long table with dark cloth over it, sign, we had a teepee to play in, haybales about. 

GAMES-calf roping, pan for gold in teams-small pool, get rocks spray them gold, sift it out team with most wins, have pony rides for the children. 

GIFTS- sheriff badges, bow and arrows, cowboy hat or Indian headdress, squirt guns

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