Rescue Heros Party

Rescue Heroes Party -5yr- Children's Museum




Debrah in Tampa, FL  USA


August 2007



My son loves Rescue Heroes, so of course that was the theme of his 5th birthday party. 

For the invitation I copied to DVD, a Rescue Heroes cartoon.  I then went on line an downloaded Rescue Hero clip art.  With this I made the label with all the party information and affixed it to the DVD.  I also made a cover for the DVD holder.  There is a Children's Museum in Tampa that has a small scale city.  You can bring your bikes, skates or skateboards.  We rented this for the afternoon.  On the invitation the party goers were to bring their favorite form of transportation. 

As the children arrived they chose their badges, downloaded from the website.  I had the badges ready with a sticker adhesive so they would stick to their clothes.  As soon as everyone arrived, the loud speaker played the Rescue Hero theme and our new Rescue Heroes were instructed to report to headquarters.  This was also downloaded from the website. 

They were given their mission to rescue animals (stuffed) that were trapped in the city because of a huge earthquake. They would have to obey the street signs in their quest.  This kept them busy for quite awhile.  There was no need for other games, though I was ready just in case.  I had a meteor shower ready, wads of grey paper.  There is also a pond with a bridge, so I had ready a pole with an attachment to rescue the animals in the water. 

For food we had meteor burgers, avalance slaw, lava flow beans and earthquake chips.  The kids laughed at the names of the food.  As my son opened his gifts, we snapped a picture of him and his friend for the thank you cards.  For goodie bags, I found medium sized boxes with handles in different colors.  I wrote the childs name on one side and made a Rescue Hero label for the other.  This would be their rescue kit. 

It contained a flash light, Rescue Hero party favors, a whistle, a compass and also a regular size Rescue Hero (purchased at a closeout store for cheap).  The children had a blast as did the parents.  When the Thank you cards went out, I made return address labels with the downloaded images. I worded it to thank them for helping my son save the animals of the city and also for their gift.

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