Rescue Heros Party

Rescue Hero Party -4yr- Shoot Red Fire Cups




Cory in San Diego, California, USA


February 2007


Special Mention

Last year my son turned four years old.  He asked for a Rescue Hero Party theme.  We had the party in June in San Diego where the weather is hit and miss this time of year with June gloom. 

IDEA: I used the theme of Rescue Hero Training. 

INVITATIONS: Using my computer I downloaded pictures from the website and created a Rescue Hero Training Camp flyer.  I used the Rescue Hero logo, the shield logo, and the picture of Billy Blaze with the words Calling all Heros.  I also added a couple of my own pictures of my son from a resent trip to the local fire department.  I made it look like a flyer using different fonts and colors on a 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper printed from my color printer.  The flyer said: Get Set and Gear Up for a Birthday Celebration Honoring... Kai.  At Command Headquarters with the location listed - we did this at a park. 

For the time we said Time of Mission, Save the Date for the time, and then we listed our name, email and phone number under Registration Information.  The rest said - Join Jr. Cadet Kai and his fellow Ranger Cadets for a fun filled day at the Command Center for Rescue Hero Training Camp.  We also put that Jr. Cadet Kai would be dressed as his favorite Rescue Hero so feel free to dress up and show us who your favorite hero is.  After a hard day of training all cadets will be served a special lunch selected just for you by Jr. Cadet Kai and I listed the menu my son had picked out.  All his favorites, Pizza, PBJ sandwiches, watermelon, popcorn, gold fish, and strawberries.  I also picked up a few dress up sets at the 99 cent store of fireman, construction and police for kids that didn't come dressed up but wanted to. 

ENTERTAINMENT: We put a lot of planning into this and started about a month or so before the party.  The idea was to set up different types of training drills for the kids.  We got a lawnmower box from Home Depot and stood it up right and painted it to look like a house.  Yellow with a roof, cut out a window - drew flowers and stuff on it.  The we painted the bottom with red, yellow and orange paint to look like it was on fire.  On the side we cut out a door.  On the window I placed red plastic cups upside down to be pretend fire.  For this drill you had to run into the house and see if everyone got out and then with a supper soaker water gun shoot down the red cups.  We had an adult there and if you completed your fire training you got a rescue hero badge.  I copied the logo from the website and the copied and pasted about 20 to a page and printed them out and made stickers with a sticker machine.  I did a different badge for each station so the kids could show the completed camp. 

The second station was an avalanche and the kids had to rescue any hurt animals.  I took a small kids play tent and covered it in a white sheet.  I put about 15 beanie baby stuffed animals in the tent and the dumped white popcorn filler, also received from Home Depot.  In the front of the tent I took a narrow but long box and painted it white so it looked like snow had buried everything.  I had another adult sitting in a chair with a doctor kit I bought for 99 cents next to this.  The object was each kid had to run into the avalanche and rescue and animal and take it to the vet to have it checked out.  When they brought the adult the animal they got the next badge. 

The third station was a small obstacle corse.  Very simple items I put a rope on the ground for them to walk along, bought some metal rings for about 45 cents in the craft section of Walmart to hop through then a hula hoop the had to spin around in however old they were they had to spin that many times and then toss bean bags in to a bucket then run really fast across the finish line.  Once the kids did all three stages they got a certificate for completion of Rescue Hero Training Camp.  I made them all up ahead of time on the computer with a blank line to put them names in with a Sharpe pen. 

DECORATIONS: I used mostly red and yellow colors, table clothes, balloons and streamers at a park.  I also bought caution tape and put it up around trees and made a sign that said welcome to headquarters.  On the cake and food table I had my mom take an old white sheet and draw the red R logo and pain it on we used this for the table cover.  I also took the Billy Blaze logo with Calling all Recruits that I used on the invitation and made it a full 8.5 X 11 and put it on iron on paper I bought at Office Depot.  I but this logo along with Kai's Birthday Party with the date on the back of brown t shirts for me and my husband.  I also picked up cheap camouflage shorts for the both of us and we wore camouflage hats that we already owned.  We were dressed at the drill instructors for the different stations. 

CAKE: I didn't do a cake cause my son wanted cupcakes.  So I did cupcakes with white frosting and then I put red glitter sprinkles on some, yellow glitter sprinkles on some and then blue glitter sprinkles on some.  I choose these colors for fireman, police, and construction.  On each cupcake I made very small round short bread cookies which had drew the R logo on each one.  I also already had a tiered cupcake stand so I used this and spelled out happy birthday on the cookies and on the top one put the candles perfect amount of cupcake space to do this. 

GOODIES: for the goodie bags I shopped around at 99 cent stores various places like party stores.  I used clear red bags and put a rescue hero logo sticker I made on each one.  I put in each one handcuffs, a whistle, fireman badge, silly putty stuff, stickers and rescue hero fruit snacks also with little plastic fireman, construction men and police men. 

PINATA: I got a fire truck sand police car shaped pinata for the kids.  I did two cause I was not sure how many kids were coming so I did it by age so the big kids got one and the little kids got one. 

EXTRAS: to top it all off a friend hired a fireman to come and entertain the kids as my sons present - all the kids had such a blast and boy were they tired when they left. My son had so much fun helping us paint and make all the little extras!  I also dressed him up, he wore a white T shirt with a fireman badge on it with gray shorts which I put black electrical tape along the sides like the police and fireman have and he wore a black watch I picked up from the 99 cent store along with a headset like the rescue heros wear.  When we first got to the park to set all this up it was pretty early.  There just happen to be a fire truck in the parking lot - the local fire department was running at the park and several stopped by to wish my son a happy birthday and took him over to their truck for him to sit in and check out.  This is one of the harder things I've done with my family but we all had lots of fun!

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