Puppy Party

Puppy Party -5yr- Pass the Puppy




Robin in New Hartford, NY   USA


October 2007


Honorable Mention

This party was adorable!  For our daughters 5th birthday we had a puppy party! 

Invitations were just some dog invites that we found. 

I made a lot of the decorations.  First I had puppy paw prints that I made from poster board.  I found a dog paw print on line and traced it and cut it out, then colored them brown and black.  I taped them on the floor, on the chairs where the girls were going to sit and eat and a few on the walls.  I made this to hang in one of the doorways, I traced a dog bone cookie cutter on paper, cut them out, hole punched each end and tied a small piece of pink yarn between each dog bone and made like a chain and hung them in the doorway (like those beaded curtains).  It looked cute and festive. 

I also made puppies using empty, clean baby food jars.  I took the labels off, washed them, cut floppy ears out of black and brown felt, hot glued them on top of the jar, hanging down like dog ears, then added 10mm google eyes, black pompom nose, 1 white pompom on either side of the nose for the snout, and a strip of pink felt for the tongue glued right between the 2 white pompoms and under the black pompom nose.  I then filled the jars with pink and brown m&Ms.  (our theme colors were brown/black and pink).  They were absolutely adorable, everyone commented on them.  I placed one at every place setting. 

I also had newspaper placemats that I just photocopied a rectangle piece of newspaper.  My centerpiece on the table was a fake cake that I made by using a small cardboard round box that I found at a craft store.  I covered it with white felt (a hot glue gun works so well and dries very quickly), then I cut out some paw prints out of black and pink  felt and glued them on the sides of the cake, I covered a crayon with pink felt for one candle on top in middle of cake and for the flame I cut out a piece of orange craft foam that I had (or you could use colored paper), and glued it to the top of the candle.  Then with hot glue gun you glue the candle to the top of cake.  Really cute! 

So, I placed this cake in center of table with 3 stuffed dogs sitting around it like they were at a birthday party! (They were!).  I also sprinkled some of those dog bonz candies around the center of the table (the ones you get from those quarter vending machines at grocery stores).  We tied pink, black, and white balloons from a few of the chairs and around the outer edge of the dining room where the party table was. 

I made a really big dog paw print and put pictures of my daughter on it throughout the past 4 years of her life (like one from every year), and hung it up for everyone to see how she has grown.  I put out two clean, new dog bowls, one filled with cocoa puffs, the other filled with scooby snacks(dog shaped cookies). 

Instead of doing party bags filled with lots of junk that usually gets tossed, we bought stuffed dogs that we found at Toys R us for 5.99, one for each girl.  I put them in a large basket at the front door. 

As the girls arrived they got to pick out a puppy, then I gave them each an adoption certificate which I made out of construction paper, here's what I did, cut the paper in 1/2 then I wrote with a marker at the top Adoption Certificate this certifies the adoption of (they got to pick a name) to miss (childs name).  (puppy's name) was adopted on october 20 at Madisons 5th birthday party. Then they made dog collars for their puppies with string and beads. 

We decorated dog bone sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles played games such as pass the puppy (have kids sit in circle pass a stuffed puppy to music when music stops whoever is holding the puppy is out but they still got a lollpop.  Keep doing this till two kids left then the last person who is Not holding the puppy wins a bigger prize (something from dollar store).  They loved that game! 

We also played musical dogs instead of musical chairs.  Put stuffed dogs in center of circle.  Kids walk in circle to music when music stops everyone grabs a dog one person without dog is out.  Keep going til one person left.  Pin nose on the puppy. Then we had hot dogs and mac and cheese for lunch and cake.  I found the cake on line.  If you type in wags the dog a cute dog cake comes up.  That's the cake I made.  This party was so much fun to do I am sad it is over!  The kids had a great time!"

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