Puppy Party

Puppy Party -6yr- Puppy Poo Scoop Race




Helen in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom


January 2009


Honorable Mention

My daughter really wanted a puppy party (strange as she isn't really a dog lover!!).  

INVITATIONS I ordered a dalmation invitation off the internet, one that you can personalise. It read 'Please come to my puppy party for some puppy themed party fun!' - one that you can personalise. You can use the same artwork for the thank you cards etc. Cost me $7. 

ACTIVITIES - ARRIVAL Upon arrival at the party, I had the kids all decorating homemade dog bone shaped gingerbread biscuits whilst we were waiting. I put these into celephane bags and labelled them with the kids name and later had a competition (best decorated bone). The kids took these home with them.  I also enlisted a few friends to do some dog face painting if the kids wanted it (there are loads of ideas on the net).  Once everyone had arrived we had a few games.  

GAMES MUSICAL PAW PRINTS I bought some stick on paw prints (I think people buy them to decorate their cars!?). I had previously stuck these on the floor of the hall and played musical paw prints (similar to musical chairs but you have to peel off a paw print each time).  

PUPPY POO SCOOP I enlisted the help of my mother in-law to make 60 material dog poos out of scraps of brown material (like 3 sausages). I then bought three cheap poo scoopers (like small dustpans) and had three teams of 8. It was basically a relay race the first person on each team races to scoop up a poo (without using hands) and run to the other side of the hall to deposit in a bin. Team with most 'deposits' wins! 

PASS THE PUPPY I bought a cheap puppy backpack and filled it with sweets. Like pass the parcel and each person takes out a treat from the backpack once music stopped. The last person gets to keep the puppy bag. 

MUSICAL DOG TAGS I bougtht a few of those cheap kids medals and put a sticker of the dog over the round medal. I then decorated the ribbon with paw print material. I scattered these around the floor and had the kids run around them. When the music stopped they had to grab a 'dog colour' and put it on. Again a various on musical chairs. The one without was 'out'. Keep going until there is only one person left playing (ie the winner)! 

PIN THE NOSE ON THE DALMATION I got a poster printed at the staionery store A0 size of a dalmation (only cost me £1.99) and made dog noses for the kids to stick on whilst blindfolded.  I bought two large dog bowls and had one filled with small individual sweets (ie smarties/dolly mixtures) and the other (which I labelled 'TOP DOG') with slightly larger prizes (ie sheets of dog stickers dog tattos small bag of sweets). This way all of the kids got to choose a small prize whether they were winners or not so there were no tears. 

PARTY SNACKS/DECORATIONS For the tea I bought puppy themed plates table covers etc and made mini hot dogs instead of sandwiches. All food given out in large stainless steal dog bowls.  I ordered some sugar paper pictures of dalmations and put these onto cup cakes. I also decorated other cupcakes with paw prints using a large chocolate button and small choclate drops) 

CAKE I ordered a rice paper picture of a dalmation (same as the cupcakes) which you could personalise with the child's name. I mounted this on a plain iced sponge cake from the supermarket. I struggled to buy a 'ready made' puppy cake in the U.K. (and baking isn't one of my strengths)!! 

The kids had a great time. I bought some cheap cellophane bags with paw prints on them and put a few sweets in them and got some cheap cuddly puppy key chains off ebay. The kids took these home.  A real hit!!  "

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