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shannon in middle grove, ny, usa


January 2008


Special Mention

I did a princess Luncheon theme party for my four-year-old daughter. I started out by making my own invitations.  I bought blank white invitation.  On purple paper I printed the following.  Hear Ye, Hear Ye.  You are cordially invited to (insert name) Princess Luncheon.  The party will be held at the Castle (last name) in the Kingdom of (Your Town), from 12-2 PM. Please come dressed in you best princess attire. Princess (insert name) can't wait to see all of her princess friends. I placed these on the inside right of the cards.  On the outside cover I found foam crowns that fit perfectly and I wrote You are Invited on it.  On the inside left of the cards I used scrapbook puffy princess stickers and each invitation had different one's so they were individual to the guest. 

When each princess arrived they were given a bag, in the bag was everything they would need to be a princess.  Included was a crown, a wand, a boa, clip on earrings, a ring, a bracelet, (these were all bought as a set so they all matched, this part cost 5 dollars per child), a nail polish and a lip-gloss (2 dollars per child).  Sounds like a lot of stuff but was quite inexpensive.    In the background I had 3 different Disney princess CD's playing on random which truly made it sound like a princess palace.  After they got their bags they were told there were 3 stations to participate in.    The first station was the hair station.  I had my hairdresser come in and set up a table, covered with a pink tablecloth and a big mirror on it.  She curled each child's hair and did up-do's with their crowns and lots of sparkles, the second station was set up for jewelry and make-up.  I had 2 neighborhood teenage girls, dressed in their prom gowns, do the girls lip-gloss and nail polish and help put on their jewelry.  The last station was the craft for the day.  I went to AC Moore and bought unpainted boxes (2 dollars each) and I pre painted them pink.  I had a while table cloth on the kitchen table with the pink boxes and tons of stickers on the table.  I found a big bucket of princess foam sticker, and used the left over flower stickers from the goblets (more to come later).  They decorated their jewelry boxes so they would have somewhere to put their jewelry when they got home.  This whole process took about 45 min.  When they weren't busy at a station they were dancing.  There was no dead time.

After this we migrated towards the dinning room for the luncheon.  I did have veggies and dip and cheese and crackers out for the first hour of the party for the mommies and girls to munch on.  The dining room was decorated as Belle's castle.  We bought this stuff called Scene setter.  I had never heard of it before and I have to say it really did a nice job, it took about 15 min for my husband and father to put it up on the walls and it truly made the room look like belle's castle.  The table was set with a pink tablecloth with a white runner, I had pink plate with a white dress on them, and white napkins and forks.  All from the dollar store.  The plates were wedding plates, but worked perfect for this.  I made goblets for the table as well.  I used the plastic glasses you can buy at a party store and then used pink and purple flower foam stickers to decorate.  They were so cute and each girl got to take theirs home with them.  For lunch I served¦. Belle's PB and J's (cut out the a crown cookie cutter), Jasmine's Jewel's (red Jell-O jiggles cut into diamond shapes), Mulan's Melon Salad (made with cantaloupe and grapes), Cinderella's Cheese (chucks of cheese), Aerial's Goldfish (goldfish crackers), Mrs. Potts Popcorn, Aurora's Spinning Wheels (cream cheese and jelly pinwheel's), Snow White's apple's.  I made Flags for each of the foods.  I cut Pink card stock into the shape of a flag, Put two together and attached them to a kebob stick, then I attached a sticker to each side of the flag for the  princess for each food and wrote the name of the food.  I served all the items on white plates.  I placed a piece of potato in the middle of the plate and use it to hold up the kebob stick.  For the mommies I had chicken salad on croissant, egg salad wraps, tortellini salad, and another batch of the melon salad. 

After lunch we played a game.  I read all the princess's the book Princess and the Pea (find a short version).  Afterwards we played AreYou A True Princess.  I had a mattress (covered with a purple sheet with a princess pillow) while the kids were eating I put a ball underneath.  I had a real pea and all the girls saw me put it under the mattress.  Then I had each child lay on the mattress to see if they could feel the lump.  They were so cute and SHOCKED that they could.  When they did,  they sat in the thrown (a rocking chair covered with a purple sheet and princess blanket) I had pre-made certificates which read, The Castle (last name) in the kingdom of (town name) pronounces (name of guest) is a true princess.(They were on pink paper and scrolled and held with hot pink ribbon)  I basically said the same thing when they were in the thrown and I used a wand to touch each shoulder and gave them each their certificates.  I put their initials on the outside so I knew whose was whose.  I also took a picture of each child in the thrown.  Lastly was cake.  Luckily my neighbor and good friend is a wedding-cake decorator and it was wonderful. I cried when I saw it.  It was a round pink and white cake with a Cinderella castle on top that was white with pink accents.  I can take no pats on the back of that one.  It was just lovely.  After cake the girls danced for about 10 min and I told each other how pretty they were.  

All was finished by about 2.15.  What a great day that I think she will remember forever.  For the Thank you cards, I am going to use the same blank cards and foam crowns for the front, they with read Thank You , on the inside they will receive a picture of their child in the thrown after hey were made a real princess and a hand written note.  They will also get a sheet of princess stickers.

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