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Princess Party 3yr - Red Carpet Entrance




Daisy in San Jose, CA USA


January 2008


Special Mention

My daughter is a huge princess fan and I wanted to make the most special Princess Birthday Party ever for her 3rd Birthday.  Her  birthday is during the holidays, Dec. 16th to be exact so I knew we would have to be indoors.   Invitations: my husband took a picture of my daugher in her princess outfit with tiara and wand in hand. He is excellent with the comp and made the invitations via comp. it had a picture of her on it with the disney princesses and a castle in background, read 'here ye here ye princess alayzia requests your presence at her 3rd birthday party.'  I decided to turn our house into a CASTLE. 

For the decorations:  outside of the house I bought red felt paper and lined the walkway to the door so the kids and guests felt magical while walking in. Out of construction paper/glitter/cardboard I made home made flags that read: Alayzia's Castle" and "Rubang Kingdom" on the other. (Alayzia is my daughter's name and Rubang is our last name.)  Out of construction paper I cut out orange flames and gray torches that were posted on both sides of the door as if lighting up the castle.  On the front door in the very middle I cut out of construction paper a knight's shield that has an "R" in the middle of it.  For the inside of the house I had envisioned a beautiful castle.  So baby blue and a light purple.  The fabric was shimmery and metallic like as well.  I hung this fabric at every doorway in the house and in the main kids room I hung it from all four corners of the room to the middle top ceiling of the room so it hung like an x. On all the sides of the walls I bought Disney scene setters ballroom scene which covered all the walls.  On this plastic scenery it looked like we were in a ballroom due to pretty chandeliers and big columns on it. On top of this I put up all of the Disney princesses on the wall.  Along the top perimeter of the room I put up clear christmas lights to brighten the room. This really added a magic to look like a ballroom. 

In the middle of the room I rented a kids table that could seat 12.  I covered the table with disney princess cover.  For the chairs I used leftover tulle to tie around the chairs which was purple in color.  Oh it looked so cute and so princess like!  I blew balloons that were yellow purple light blue and hung one to each chair and let the rest float to the ceiling.  Of course I had to make a princess chair for my daughter to sit on.  I borrowed my mom's bar stool.  I used leftover fabric to put over the chair pad which was purple and hung down darker purple fabric down the legs.for the back rest of the chair out of cardboard I spray painted pink and cut in the shape of the heart and glued plastic pretty gems in different colors to it. It turned out gorgeous.  In the kitchen where the food was on the wall I cut out in construction paper with the same themed colors of yellow pink purple and light blue "happy 3rd birthday princess alayzia" and put up three 8 x 10 pictures of my daugher in her princess outfit that my husband took of her.

The food we had catered was bbque chicken a meat dish a noodle dish and much more.  We had to make sure this was a FEAST since it was at our Castle!!!  I made the cake with the help of my sisters.  We bought disney princess cake d├ęcor and made a 3 layer cake that looked like a castle.  We bought food color and made a purple beautiful princess cake.  In the kitchen where the food was we also hung purple/yellow/pink/blue streamers.  Everything was amazing.  All over the house too we had hung the disney scene setters of the disney princesses.  Everything looked so magical.  

For games: we played find the magical rings where all the kids had to dig their hands in a big bowl of rice and whoever could get the most rings out while blindfolded in 30 seconds was the winner. They also played pin the shoe on the princess and one game which I made was find the frog that turned into a magic prince in which they had to lift flaps on a huge construction board and find the one where I put a picture of my son which was the handsome prince! I also had a treasure hunt and hid magical coins all over the house and the one who found the most coins was the big winner!!! For even the adults to play too on the wall near the entrance of the house I put up a bag of magical coins and put a sign that said how many magical coins and whoever guessed the right number won.   Aside from the games I had a corner in the main room which had princess make overs where the girls could get their make up done or get a ring or a girly tattoo or nails painted. The boys could get a cape pinned on them like a knight. I used silver fabric I bought and cut into rectangles to be pinned on the boys shoulders. I can't forget the disney princess castle pinata which was filled with candy and plastic gold rings.

After the games i had a big surprise and all the kids sat in a big circle in the main kids room (we removed the table in the middle) and cinderella came.  I used firepixieentertainment.com in which i hired the most beautiful professional and best disney princess ever that came. she performed magic story telling and bubbles and the kids LOVED it. she also did balloon twisting. i highly recommend this company. she stayed for 1.5 hrs.  the party flowed so well and i was so happy the way it turned out. oh and i can't forget the giveaways!!! for girls: i wrapped in cellophane paper (yellowish gold) paper a disney princess wand a tiara lip gloss and of course candy.  the boys got (wrapped in blue) gift bags a sword and candy. one thing i have to mention is my dauhger had a special princess belle dress to wear color yellow. my son who is 1 i bought him a lil knight's outfit. i wore a princess dress and my husband dressed up as a knight in shining armour. i bought our outfits on sale right after halloween. i think we had the best princess party ever and everyone kept complimenting on how wonderful a job that i did.  it turned out so great and was sooooo cute. my daughter loved all of it!!! i wish i could post pictures on here.  "

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