Powerpuff Party

PowerPuff Girls - Pin the Bow on Blossom




Maria in Portland Texas USA


October 2001


Honorable Mention

POWERPUFF GIRLS PLAYING SOCCER PARTY !!!!  My daughter's birthday is in November days from Thanksgiving and I always try to purchase things in advance so that the party is not costly near the Holidays.  She told me she wanted a Powerpuff girls birthday party

So I was purchasing powerpuff girls prizes and presents Even a Blossom Pinata when she informed me after getting on her soccer team that she wanted a soccer birthday party instead!!!!  I told her of all the items I already purchased and asked her if she would like a POWERPUFF GIRLS PLAYING SOCCER PARTY.  She FLIPPED for the idea. 

As I told her we can make a sheet cake to look like a soccer field and because the powerpuff girls cake toys have them kicking we can glue soccer balls on their feet.  I also thought this was good as the boys who would arrive would not care for many of the PPG prizes and they can now choose from soccer prizes.  I had PPG keychains so I grabbed soccer ball keychains. 

I had PPG yo yos so I grabbed soccer ball yo yos.  Now the boys will have to put up with pin the bow on blossom but her going for soccer and powerpuff girls made it much easier for me to be able to invite boys and girls as I was going to do a girls only party. 

We have bubbles that we are going to add a little yellow color for ppg bubbles and one item that I was able to get, EBAY being my favorite shopping arena was Powerpuff Girls Glider airplanes, Perfect for boys and girls. While the boys have soccer ball whistle necklaces the girls get Powerpuff girls pen necklaces. 

I like to make my own candy bar wrapper party favors so this year I will be making Powerpuff girls kicking soccer ball candy wrappers That tell the guest thanks for coming to our party and wrap them around chocolate bars for each guest (this was a huge hit for my son's blues clues party).     Just goes to show that if the kiddos can't make up their minds combine the themes !!!!!! 


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