Powerpuff Party

Powder Puff Party - Cupcake Decorating




Kathy in Medfield, MA


August 2001



A budget Powder Puff girl party:  We had pink, purple, and yellow balloons.  An uncle in a white lab coat served chemical X (fruit punch in a pitcher with an X on it) to turn the guests into powerpuff girls upon arrival.

We warned the guests  that the arch enemies weren't invited and felt snubbed and may try to ruin the party.  We told them we were so excited that we couldn't wait to show them the beautiful pastel cake we made.  When we opened the cake box we found that it was ruined! The cake had "dirt" (cookie crumbs) on it, gummy worms, and said "Happy birthday love the gangrene gang".

The powerpuff guests saved the day by frosting and decorating cupcakes.  We put a candle on each one and the birthday girl went around to blow them out. 

For entertainment we put Christmas lights up in the basement and a ten dollar disco light and some dance music. For food we served hotdogs, chips, and fruit.  MOJO JOJo also tried to ruin the party.  (He hid the party favors). 

Luckily he left clues in envelopes that had his picture on it and the powerpuff girls outsmarted him and found their party bags.

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