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Ponyville Fair -4yr- Ponyville Ticket Booth




Michele in Mechanicsville, MD  USA


March 2009


Runner Up

INVITATIONS  I made the invitations using the cricut(an awesome die cut machine. I used the Locker Talk cartridge to make tickets with the words Admit One"  I used bright glitter paper to make the tickets a variety of "pony" colors.  All of the party information was printed on a large avery label and placed on the back of each ticket.  It read "Prance on Over to the Ponyville Fair to celebrate Alyssa's 4th Birthday!  Admission price: one Smile  Date : _____  Time: _____ Place:_______ (I put Ponyville instead of my city)  

DECORATIONS  Our theme was bright rainbow colors (like Rainbow Dash) and hearts since each pony has a heart shaped cutie mark!  The upstairs was decorated with lots of rainbow colored balloons.  The "ticket booth" (explained below) was set up in the living room.  The food table was covered with a My Little Pony tablecloth.  A My Little Pony "Happy Bithday" banner hung above the food table.  The popcorn container goodie bags were lined up along a half wall in my kitchen.  I hung white and yellow balloons (to look like popcorn) on each eand of the wall.  We transformed our basement into the Ponyville Fair!  A "Welcome to the Ponyville Fair" banner hung as you walked down the stairs to the basement.  The game booths had bright colored table cloths with coordinating balloons. (Ex. the table with a blue table cloth had blue balloons the pink table had pink balloons and so on) 

This came in handy when we began the games.  I also made a coordinating sign with the game name to hang at each booth.  The beams in the basments were covered with bright adhesive wrapping paper.  I found My Little Pony plates and napkins at the dollar store.  I also bought a My Little Pony carousel to put on the food table and a Pinkie Pie pinata I used as decoration the Pinkie Pie Pony Parlor game booth. 

ACTIVITIES As children arrived they colored on the "Ponyville Ticket Booth"  my mom and I made from a large box. We cut an opening so the kids could walk in it.  Then we covered the entire box with large color wonder paper.  We covered a large rectagle with the bright adhesive wrapping paper and made it into a sign that hung at the top of the ticket booth.  I also taped some of the "Admit One" ticket invitations on the sign as decoration.  The kids used color wonder markers to draw pictures and write messages to the birthday girl.  The kids loved this and the parents did too!  They drew pictures and wrote messages too! 

Each child got to choose a bright colored plastic bracelet (we ordered from Oriental Trading).  I told the kids that their bracelet would let them play the games as many times as they wanted!  After going through all the game booths we played "Rainbow Dash's Parachutte".  I got this on clearence at target and it was the perfect colors!  We also played Cheerilee's Egg Race (with plastic eggs of course!).  I told the kids that we needed to help Cheerilee get eggs for the birthday cake and if we did a good job we could have birhtday cake afterwards.  The kids seemed to enjoy this and loved going upstairs to eat cake afterwards.  I passed out My Little Pony blowers to all the kids before singing Happy Bithday.  I told the kids they needed to help the birthday girl blow out her candles.  This prevented anyone from actually blowing the candles out except for the birthday girl! 

GAMES Once all of the guests arrived the kids (and the adults that wanted to) were escorted downstairs to the Ponyville Fair.  A table was set up with markers and lots of different foam stickers.  Each child was given a white paper bag that they decorated.  This would hold all of their prizes from each game booth.  As children finished their bags they were directed to sit on the carpet. I had a basket of books available for kids to look at while they were waiting but they all seemed to get finished at the same time.  Once on the carpet I told the kids to check their bracelets.  To aviod a mad rush at one particular game the kids began the fair at the game booth that had the same color tablecloth and balloons as their bracelet.  This worked out very well! There were four games booths.

Pinkie Pie's Pony Palor- At this station the girls could become a pony.  My mom and I made pony head bands in blue green and pink.  We used curing ribbon for the mane and made ears out of the glitter paper.  We also added a foam flower as a barrett on each mane.  These were made ahead of time so the girls could just choose the one they wanted.  The girls could also get colored hair glitter and a heart cutie mark (tattoos from Oriental Trading).  Finally each girl could choose their own set of wings and a light up wand(purchased at the dollar store).  The boys could get glitter in their hair a tattoo and a light up sword.  This was a big hit!  Light up stuff is always fun at a fair! 

Duck Pond-  This was the just like the duck pond at the fair.  We filled up my daughter's sand and water table with water and ducks we had purchased at Oriental Trading.  Each duck had a number in a shape on the bottom.  I had the little kids choose a duck and tell me the color shape and number.  (I helped them if they needed it!)  The older kids had to choose two ducks and then add the numbers together to find the sum.  I had a prize table behind the duck pond.  Instead of having prizes labeled with numbers I let the kids choose anything thay wanted.  I found most of the stuff at Target in the dollar section when it was 75% off. I also had purchased My Little Pony toys on clearence after Halloween and Christmas for 75 cents each. 

End of the Rainbow- Do you know what is at the end of a rainbow?  Well in Ponyville it is goldfish!  For this game I hung a paper rainbow on the wall.  A table was set up right underneath the rainbow with the typical fish bowl toss you would find at a fair.  We bought round platic bowls and filled each bowl with two goldfish and water.  The kids had to throw a ping pong ball into a fish bowl.  They were given as many tries as they needed.  Once they won their fish we put the lid on their bowl which already had their name on it.  The fish stayed on the table until the end of the party.  Along with two fish each child also received a small bag of fish food. 

Scootaloo's Lanes-  This was a really fun bowling game.  We found an XXL bowling set at Toys-R-Us.  The kids had a blast bowling with these really big pins!  Children received a bag of candy after playing this game. 

PARTY SNACKS-We had apple slices with caramel (ponies loves this) veggies with dip chips cheese and crackers.  We had juice boxes and water for the kids and sodas and water for the grown ups. 

CAKE What is a fair without popcorn?!  We had 8 popcorn containers filled with 3 popcorn cupcakes each.  It looked like containers of popcorn it was really cute!  The cupcakes were regular yellow cake with vanilla frosting.  The popcorn was white and yellow (lemon flavored) marshmallows.  Cut the marshmallows into thirds and glue together with icing to make popcorn shapes. These turned out so cute thanks to my aunt!  We also had a carrot cake that Nana made for the bithday girl.  She decorated it with the mini ponyville birhtday set.

We had a third cake just because my daughter loves baking.  She loves to decorate cakes in Cheerilee's Bake Shop on the Ponyville website.  So I decited to print out on of the cakes she decorated on-line. We made the same heart shaped cake (using a square pan and a round pan; cut the round cake in half and place one half on each side of the square to make a heart shape).  We iced it with vanilla frosting and my daughter had a blast decorating it with glittler icing tubes and sprinkles.  We showcased picture of her cake on-line in a picture frame next to the one she decorated.  It was really cute!

FAVORS Each child received a plastic popcorn container filled with the folowing goodies: My Little Pony (MLP) fruit snacks MLP stickers MLP heart notpad and mini pen scented bubbles in an icecream cone container and a heart shaped candy bracelet.  Each child also received a prize at each game booth. "

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