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My Little Pony Party -2yr- Pony Toss




Kai in East Alton Il U.S.A.


January 2009


Honorable Mention

For my niece's second birthday her mom, grandma, and I collaborated to make a PERFECT My Little Pony Party for her on acount that she's crazy about horses and loves MLP. Hopefully      the information here can help you! Before we begin let's make sure you understand one little fact, DOLLAR STORES are YOUR FRIENDS!  Okay let's start with

**INVITATIONS**  The way we organized things it was a half sheet of pastel green card stock folded in half. On the front we typed You're Invited with a picture of my niece's favorite MLP under the words. On the right half of the inside we put:  Prance On Over To ________'s Magic Castle For A Whinnying Good Time At Her... My Little Pony Party Who:_________ include middle and last name since your celebrating a birth What:Her second birthday  When:Month/Day at__ o'clock am or pm whatever you choose Where_________________if your using a senior citizens building or somwhere like that (which is what we did) be sure to include senior citizens building of __________  Wear Your Royal Riding Attire. On the back I typed designed by Kai with a cute pony under it. 

**DECORATIONS** On the entrance door we hung a WELCOME TO PONYVILLE" Sign with all of the existing MLPs  on it. The theme colors were pastel blue green pink yellow and purple. Upon entering   the two first things guests saw were the present and cake tables which were next to each other directly across the room from the entrance. On either side of the tables was a bunch of balloons one in each theme color and one MLP the bunches were weighted with MLPs. Each table had a cloth matching the color theme. Streamers were everywhere. My mom and I made horse cutouts and set them around the room.

On the one really long food table  we had to use multiple tablecloths and for a center piece I made a pony-go-round. To make the Pony-Go-Round cut a round piece of cardboard the size depends on table room  then cut off both sharp ends of a skewer rod and use an exacto-knife  to cut a hole so the skewer rod touches whatever surface you are working on next add a canopy like top by gluing on a crimped piece of paper to the top paint everything in pastel colors finally place MLPs a few inches apart all the way around the cardboard(make sure the cardboard is dry)tie ribbons around the pony's middles and glue the ends to the canopy set on a Lazy Susan and you have a Pony-Go-Round wee.

**REFRESHMENTS** For Refreshments I set out carrot sticks w/ peanut butter juice soda and watter. I found a horse shaped cookie cutter and cut pb&j sandwiches into horse shapes for everyone. The cake was from a local bakery though I had a million ideas for it the B-Day girls G-pa likes bying her cakes. 

**GAMES AND CRAFTS**Since we had a handful of 2 and 3 year olds one 4 year old and one 5 year old and an eight year old the things we did had to be easy enough for the birthday girl but hard enough for her oldest cousin this was a challenge. As kids came in they got their face painted with their favorite MLP symbol had a crown from dollar tree that said pony princess placed on their head and were sent to the craft table. When everyone arived we had the sandwiches and carrots then began games.We played them in this order(I'm attaching a short discription of how to play each game). 

PIN THE TAIL ON THE PONY- Pin the tail on the donkey pony style no winners just laughs 

Hot POTATO PONY- Hot potato with a stuffed animal pony winner gets the pony others get small stuffed pony 

PONY TOSS- Like a carnival game of beanbag toss but with beanie baby ponies and to make it cut holes in a cardboard box paint a MLP by each hole if they get it through the hole they get a mini kit-kat with the aluminum wrapper still on wrapped in  a piece of paper with a picture of that MLP on it 

PONY PARACHUTING- We placed a few soft bodied ponies on a parachute and played around  Finally we ate cake opened gifts and sent everone home with goody bags.

**GOODY BAGS** These consisted of a horse shaped cookie a MLP toy from toys r us and a little make-up kit. It was a blast.  Hope this helps Kai "

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