Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot Party -3yr- Walls of Dots




Megan in Layton, Ut USA


February 2008


Honorable Mention

My daughter just turned three and she wanted a polka dot party. So I tried to find polka dot party supplies and it was harder than you think. 

The invitation: I used a cd paper cover as the envelope and made the invite out of polka dot paper. I made sure that it said Party Time! In the middle of the plastic circle on the front of the cover, and I put the rest of the information on the back of the invitation. Makayla's turning 3 and we want you to help us celebrate! 

Decorations: I bought a ton of different colored paper and polka dot paper and cut out 3 different sized circles, I then stuck them onto our walls with painters tape. I think there was about 50-75 polka dots on the walls, it looked like a polka dot palace! I bought polka dot balloons and let the kids play with them and had some as decorations. I got two small clear paint buckets at the craft store and filled them with gumballs and used them to hold the balloons. I also made my own polka dot happy birthday banner. I cut circles out of different colored paper and took a jointed banner and cut it so they were just a bunch of single letters, I than glued them to the circles and scattered them (in order) on the wall in the dinning room.

Favors: I bought plain white gable boxes and put polka dot paper on one side on top of that I cut a circle out of colored paper and got polka dot alphabet stickers and put HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On them. They were filled with a bunch of polka dot items: mini play duh wrapped with polka dot paper, a small bouncy ball, big smarties wrapped in polka dot paper, funny face dot stickers, bubbles wrapped in polka dot paper,a small baggie filled with gumballs tied with curling ribbon and a snack size popcorn wrapped in polka dot paper with a big polka dot in the center that read thanks for poppin' by Makayla's party!" I also had polka dot tissue paper lining the inside of the box and curling ribbon on one of the handles for added fun. 

Food: I had mini corn dogs for the kids chips and dip and macaroni salad with pasta wheels. The cake was cupcakes of course with giant polka dot sprinkles the cake mix was funfetti. 

Tableware: I found a polka dot table set online I bought the table cloth cups napkins and plates. I bought cups at oriental trading the color your own sippy cups well I took the color part out and cut the polka dot cups so they would fit inside the sippy cups. I know it sounds like a lot of work but it was easy and I like the straw part of the sippy cups for the 3 year olds. I also bought plain colored party hats that I covered very carefully with polka dot tissue paper. I put them in front of the kids seats. I made big round place mats for the kids because when you put the plate on top of the tablecloth you kind of lost the plate in all the polka dots plus it's just another polka dot to add to the collection.

Games: I bought the twister scram game which was perfect for polka dots on the floor but also as some games. I used it to play musical dots just put them in a big circle and have the kids march on them with the music when the music stops spin the wheel and whoever is on that color wins- I didn't have any prizes but the winner got to lead the next round of the game. The other game was the twister scram the kids really loved this one basically you spin the wheel and the kids have to run to that color dot on the floor. We had a sit down activity as well the kids colored a picture of a polka dot puppy. It was fun to do after the games it helped clam them down a little bit. 

Birthday Girl outfit:  Of course my daughter had to have some kind of polka dot outfit but I didn't want it to look clownish or stupid. So I had my mom (who can sew) make my daughter a polka dot shirt. We bought a plain pink tee shirt and cut it almost right under the armpits my mom sewed some pink polka dot fabric to the part of the shirt we cut to make it into a tunic shirt. It was nicer than I can describe it was like the t-shirt dress only shorter. She also had a polka dot hair bow to match the shirt. It was a perfect added touch.

I loved every part of planning this party and I can't wait to hear what my daughter wants next year!"

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