Polka Dot Party

Polka Dots Party -1yr- Polka Dot High Chair




Kimberly in Pryor, Oklahoma USA


July 2008


Honorable Mention

I am putting together a Hot Pink, Lime Green, and Brown Polka Dot birthday party for my daughter's first birthday. Since I am a stay at home mom I am pretty limited on my cash flow. I knew I wanted a fun party with out a lot of expense. I also wanted people to talk about it for months after.

For my invitations I made them on my photoshop program using my colors brown as the main background and the polka dots with the lime green and hot pink. On my invitation I made sure to put regrets only. Nobody RSVPS any more so hopefully they will at least let me know if they aren't coming. I photoshoped an adorable picture of my daughter onto the invitation with her in the cutest polka dot tutu that my mother in law made.

I bought solid color plates in each of the colors. Walmart had the plates for only a dollar so I got off cheap there. I bought clear cups and clear silver ware.  Using some of the plates I had bought I am going to cut out the cirle part of the plates and have one letter each one of the plates spelling out Happy Birthday. I will connect each plate using polka dot ribbon and will attach it to the front of my food table. I found two different adorable fabric pink with green polka dots and green with pink polka dots. I will be using this fabric for my table clothes.

I will be doing a brown, pink and green balloon center piece on each table. Surrounding the centerpiece will be the party favors. I took white chinense take out containers (you can find them at Wal-mart in the craft section) and stamped polka dots onto it and tied my polka dot ribbon onto the wire part of the container. Inside the container I put chocolate and strawberry milkshake whoppers for polka dots and my colors.

For her high chair my mother in law made her a high chair skirt using pink and green tulle. I bought clear plates and on the edge of the plates I painted polka dots. I will be using these plates for the snacks.

For snacks I plan on making a strawberry cheeseball. It's a kit I got at our local store. With bite size nilla wafers (that will bring in the polka dots and the color). I will also make chocolate covered cake bites and drizzle pink and green chocolate on them using food color with white chocolate. (once again the round cake bites will bring in my color and the polka dots)  I searched on the internet and found a green punch that I will be using so that will bring in more of my green colors.

For the cakes I plan on doing cupcakes with chocolate frosting, pink and green sprinkles. I have an adorable cupcake stand that I plan to use. The cupcakes will be for the children. I am going to do a 1/4 sheet cake with chocolate frosting and pink writing Saying Happy First Birthday Avery, This cake will be for the adults. For my daugther's  smash cake I am going to do a small cake with chocolate frosting. I bought a white picture matte and will have every one sign it with a special message for the birthday girl. Using that matte I will frame a picture of her digging inot her cake for a keepsake. We will be having the party in my church gym and someone at our church owns a jupiter jump so for entertainment we will have that along with a bubble machine.

I also plan on making HUGE polka dot tic tac toe and polka dot hopscotch. For tic tak toe I plan to use painters tape to make the game board and the tic tac toe pieces will be the huge polka dots with lime green and pink that I cut out of presentation board (i think that's the name of it). For hopscotch I will tape polka dots onto the floor using the painters tape in a hopscotch pattern.  I am so very excited for the party. I know my daughter is only a year old but I want to make it as special as possible!!!

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