Polka Dot Party

Pink Polka Dots Party -3yr- Dotted Candles




Melissa in De Pere, WI, USA


May 2007



The only thing my daughter wanted for her 3rd birthday was a pink cake."  So using the pink theme I decided to do a pink polka dot themed party.  I was very lucky in finding both commercial products and was able to make my own products. 

Invitations:  I took a picture of my daughter wearing a pink polka dot skirt from Gymboree and made wallet sized pictures of her and attached those to the top of pink scrapbook paper and the wrapped that in a piece of pink polka dot scrap book paper so that only her picture was showing and the invitation had to be slid out. 

Food:  I made my own chocolate molds using a birthday present mold.  I used white chocolate and then placed pink dots using a chocolate pen writer on the white chocolate presents.  I placed those in a glass jar so the pieces could be seen.  I picked up pink M&M's around breast cancer awareness month and placed those in a tall glass container.  I also had white and pink candies in a tall glass container.  The cake of course was white with pink polka dots.   

Decorations:  I was able to find pink and white polka dot balloons at BirthdayExpress.com.  I also found pink and white polka dot plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby.  I hung white round paper lanterns from the ceiling.  I also found white and pink polka dot paper lanterns at a party supply store that I mixed in with the paper lanterns.  I purchased a pink plastic table cloth from the dollar store and used round tag sale stickers to "dot" the table cloth. 

While at Hobby Lobby I also found white and pink polka dot candles that I placed in the bathroom.  I took plain pink birthday one hats attached pink and white polka dot ribbon and adhered the round tag sale stickers to the hats to polka dot them and hung them on the backs of chairs and placed flowers in the upside down hats.  I made maribou wreaths (wrapped maribou around a wire wreath form) and then hung a MDF "G" (the first initial in my daughter's name) in the middle of the wreath.  I painted the G white and used a round sponge to paint pink polka-dots on it.  I also found pink polka dot felt fabric and made a pennant style banner adhering the pennants to pink gingham basting. 

Favors:  I found pink and white polka dot gift bags.  Target had polka dot jump ropes at Easter time in the dollar aisle that I purchased.  I also found pink and white polka dot candy containers and put the pink M&M's in there for the kids.  I purchased pink and white bouncy balls.  The kids also got polka dot pencils that I found at Target at Easter time in the dollar aisle.  I through in some themed stickers as well. "

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