Polka Dot Party

Polka Dot Party - A Dot Invite In Round CD Case




Rebecca in Carlsbad CA, USA


March 2007



Every year we get very into my daughters birthday parties, but one that still stands out which we are repeating this year for my other daughter was the Polka Dot Party.  It was unique, and lots of fun. 

I ordered the colorful round cd cases from Oriental Trading Co( very cheap) and used this for the envelope.  I then found some polka dot paper and wrote She's having a preschool( could be used for many ages) pleasing playful popping polka dot themed party.  So, put on your polka dots and prance on over to Mackenzie's place. Date Time Place Etc.  I cut this out in a circle by tracing a cd tied a polka dot ribbon on the invite and inserted it in the cd container.  I found some poka dot letter stickers that I put on the outside of the cd case.  It really looked adorable.  Scrapbook stores have all sorts of polka dot paper now, so you can really go crazy with this theme.

Decorations included a polka dot fabric I found for the table cloth, large polka dots all over the floor that the children followed as they walked into the party, and polka dots of all sizes attached to string that hung down from the ceiling.  The girls and I had lots of fun making all kinds of decorations.  Balloons finished off the look.

As everyone walked into the party we couldn't believe how many children wore polka dots, and came with presents wrapped in polka dots too.  I think because they are so prevalent right now it was easy for everyone to find, and it made for wonderful pictures using polka dot fabric as a background.  As quests waited for everyone to arrive they worked on a polka dot necklace.  I found very colorful large round paper beads at oriental trading company.  They looked so cute on everyone. 

Kids could also have a polka dot or two painted on their face.  Kids also made polka dot hats or pictures using the bingo marker paint sold at Walmart. This year for my other daughters polka dot party I am going to have them use glue dots to put pom poms on some polka dot thongs I found at WalMart for very little money. 

For games we played musical chairs using polka dots, a cup cake walk with polka dots and polka dot decorated cup cakes, and finally a scavenger hunt where the kids searched for polka dots of all different colors.  Each child looked for their own color and as soon as they found a set amount they received a prize.  This way everyone could look and be a winner.  

After all the excitement everyone was hungry for some polka dot food.  We found tableware with really cute polka dots all over it. We had all kinds of melon using a melon baller to make it round and grapes.  We had sandwiches cut in circles, and one of the dads went around wearing a polka dot apron passing out popcorn.  The cakes was a round cake decorated in various spring colored polka dots.  Cute and easy 

The children left with a bag that we had decorated with polka dots.  Now I have seen lots of polka dot bags at Michaels and other party stores.  In it we had some round gum, sixlets the round chocolate candy,  a bracelet with round beads.  Small paint set that looked like polka dots, and a small journal with polka dots on it, and a tiny round bottle of bubles.

There is so much you can do for all ages with this theme.  It is different from most parties your kids will have been to, and you can do it in all price ranges, but either way it will be a hit.  Just remember to take lots of pictures, because they will be your best ever! Enjoy!

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