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Pokemon Party -9yr- Pokemon Badges




Vicki in Manassas, VA  Unites States


August 2008


Honorable Mention

My son decided he wanted to have his birthday party at home and he wanted it to be a Pokemon Party.  The Pokemon Party Package" - you know the ones you get the Pokemon napkins plates cups etc all for a cost of $300.00.   I thought this was absolutely crazy.  If I was going to spend $300 I wanted more than paper products and little plastic toys that never ever really get used.  I had no idea how to throw a Pokemon party so I went to the internet and found this site. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  The party was a huge success and I used many of the ideas I found right here on this site.  I made a few variations to make it more appropriae for a 9 year old.   

When the children arrived they were given "Pokemon Badges".  I purchased poster board from Target that was red on  one side and blue on the other side.  Cut out large circles with my Creative Memories Circle cutters.  I cut one of the circles in half and glued it to the back of a full circle so it made a small pocket.  Punched a hole in the top and used white ribbon so the children could hang the badges around their necks.  I printed each child's name on the front using my label maker.  I altered the colors so 1/2 were red badges and 1/2 were blue and placed the kids on teams.  Each badge had one Pokemon card in the pocket when they received their badges.  I made sure all the cards placed in the badges were of similar caliber. 

Throughout the party the children collected Pokemon cards in various ways.  I purchased plain white paper plates to eat on and taped a card to the bottom of each plate.   I also scattered them around the backyard (taped them to trees) for a scavenger hunt.  Once the hunt was completed I placed the kids by team in a line facing one another & they used their cards to battle one another.  The kids did not really know all the card game rules - we had the child in the front of the line choose one of his cards pick any child on the opposite team & say "I battle you" - the chosen child would select a card and the child with the highest number won that battle.  The winning team received a Pokemon sticker to place on their badge.  Each child had a turn to choose someone to battle.  In the end the team with the most stickers won.  The winning team got first choice at picking more stickers the loosing team picked from the left overs. 

I purchased the large set of the Pokemon Marbles off the internet (couldn't find them in the stores).  I blew up red balloons and placed one marble in most of the balloons.  We dumped the balloons out in the court and the children had lots of stomping fun.  If they stomped a ballon with a marble they got to keep the marble.  We also played Pokemon Bingo.  I printed the pokemon bingo card from the internet.  Winners received a Pokemon Watch.   Again I was much happier to spend the money on pokemon cards pokemon marbles and pokemon watches than paper products & I spent much less than $300.00! 

Lastly I duplicated a game my son plays at his school fair known at the "cake walk".  In school the winner gets a cake (reason for the name).  It's really just an easier version of musical chairs.  I printed pictures of Pokemon and had them laminated.  A cheaper way (in retrospect) would be to place the picture in a clear report cover.  Align the pictures in a large circle.  I wrote the name of each Pokemon on a slip of paper and purchased a musical Pokemon CD.  Each child stands on a picture you play the music and the kids walk when the music stops the child is stuck on that picture.  You pull a slip of paper out of a brown bag the child on the matching pokemon is out. 

You do this until there is one winner.  In this case I gave the child his choice of 3 Pokemon cards and the loosers each received one Pokemon card.  I was careful to make sure no child got upset about not getting a prize because they lost - so I was careful to set things up so that everyone was always getting something and they were mostly getting more of something everyone already had - (the marbles the stickers the pokemon cards). 

Lastly the children all played Wiffle Ball - not in alighnment with the Pokemon Theme but we did this last year and it was big hit so my son wanted to repeat this activity.  As a bring home (in addition to the prized the children had already won) I handed out envelops with the Pokemon CD Craft (you'll see on this site). 

On the front of the envelop were the instructions and a picture of the Pokemon.  Inside the vanilla envelop were the pieces needed to make the craft.  Oh I forgot the cake.  I purchased a box of white cake batter and made a round cake at home.   I put white icing on one side red icing on the other and 1 inch think black strip down the middle.  It looked very close to a Pokemon Ball very simple very cheap to make and the kids loved it.   "

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