Pokemon Party

Pokemon Party -7yr- Cocoon Wrap




Ashley in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


April 2008


Honorable Mention

My son really wanted a Pokemon party for his 7th birthday party.  Using ideas from this website as well as some of my own, his party was a success!!  The invitations were pokeballs, cut out from red, white and black construction paper.  They said *child's name* I choose you" on the outside.  When you open the pokeball time etc" "RSVP to reserve your spot".  For decorations I kept it simple.  Red yellow and blue streamers plates cups cutlery balloons etc. 

Food was also kept simple: Pikachu pizza Charizard chips Jigglypuff juice etc.  A Pokemon cake made by a friend was also served.  Since there are sixteen types of Pokemon I decided to have a game for each type.  Some were group games some individual with a mix of active and calm.  When each child came they were given a binder with 4 energy cards inside (each divided in 4 sections-total 16 "squares") and some worksheet pages.  As each child completed a Pokemon task they recieved a sticker.  They needed to try all tasks to recieve their loot bag. 

The sixteen Pokemon tasks were: 
1.bug type: Caterpie: Wrapped like a Cocoon.  The children were partnered up and given a roll of toilet paper.  The goal was to wrap their partner up like a cocoon. *Caterpie evolves by cocooning.

2.dark type: Poochyena: Poochyena Printable Maze.  This was a maze in the binder. *Poochyena hunts prey by smell.

3.dragon type: Bagon: Pebble Count Guess (jelly beans). Paper to guess put in binder. *Bagon can shatter boulders with it's hard head

4.electric type: Voltorb:  Decorate cupcakes.  All cupcakes already had icing children were given red sprinkles and black string licorice black dots *Voltorb is a Pokemon that looks like a Pokeball 

5.fighting type: Mankey:  Mankey Says (Simon Says)*Mankey angers easily and will not hesitate to attack anything-better do what he says!!

6.fire type: Charmander: Pin the ember on Charmander.  My sister drew an amazing Charmander on orange bristol board and made tails which were laminated *It is said that if this flame goes out the Pokemon dies keep the flame on the tail!

7.ghost type: Gastly: Scatter the Gastly. A purple Balloon was tied to each child's foot.  They had to pop everyone elses balloon but keep their balloon from being popped.  They loved this one!!! *Gastly appears to be nothing more that a black ball of ghostly matter that is surrounded by a purple glow

8.grass type: Chikorita: Chikorita necklace.  The children made a necklace out of Froot Loops and string. *Chikorita has a "necklace" of small green buds around its neck

9.ground type: Diglet: Diglet Count.  I found a worksheet online where you had to count the Diglets this was included in the binder.  *Diglets like to be underground in groups.

10.ice type: Abomasnow: Freeze Dance.  I used Pokemon music. *Abomasnow whips up blizzards in mountains it is the abominable snowman.

11.normal type:Meowth: Meowth coin hunt I hid 3 chocolate coins for each child to find. *Meowth loves shiny round objects especially coins.

12.poison type: Oddish Winner:  I had made an Oddish for each chair and taped it on.  One had a sticker on it.  The child who was sitting in that spot won. *Oddish is said to scream loudly if anyone tries to yank it out from underground.

13.psychic type: Mew:  Mew's Evolution match:  I made a set of cards of Pokemon who evolve three times.  They had to match the evolution stages the fastest. Mew is a very intelligent Pokemon.

14.rock type: Geodude: Find the Geodude.  I put faces on some rocks leaving others plain.  The children had to find the ones with faces. *Geodudes are often found in fields and mountains people mistaking them for boulders often step or trip on them.

15.steel type: Dialga:  Name that Pokemon.  The children were to list shown pokemon within time limit.  I used nine plastic Pokemon figures my son had.  The paper was put in the binder *Dialga has the ability to warp time and it is said that time began moving when Dialga was born

16.water type: Slowpoke: Slowpoke Fishing Game.  I got some fishing games from the dollar store (the magnet type)  I gave each "fish" a different number.  The children caught three fish and added up the total. 

The paper was in the binder. *Slowpoke have unusual tails which drip a sweat-tasting sappy substances. This substance is attractive to many species of fish and can be used as a lure. I had stations set up and the children completed the "individual activities" for the first part.  We met for pizza and then cupcake decorating then continued with "group activities".  At the end prizes were given out one for every child. 

As we were waiting for parents the children decorated their own Pokemon cards using blank playing cards and markers.  The binder and the prize was sent home with the loot bags.  Inside the loot bags were: a pack of Pokemon cards a Pokeball(made from a ping pong ball coloured to look like a Pokeball) crayons moon sand a balloon and some candy.  I had many people help with this party putting stickers on as activities were finished as well as people at the various stations.  It was a lot of hard work but well worth it as all the children had a wonderful time!!!"

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