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Movie Star Party -8yr- Popsicle Girl's Adventures




Denise in Macungie, PA  USA


August 2010


Special Mention

For my daughters 8th birthday we decided on a Hollywood movie theme. I found fun-kid-birthday-parties.com and ordered a book with movie script ideas. Although we didn't end up using a script from this book I did find it helpful for ideas for the invitation and actual ideas for filming a movie at a kids party.  

The invitation was written as a letter. You're so talented and glamorous that Binder Family Productions would like for you to appear in our latest blockbuster movie titled Adventures of Popsicle Girl.  We are celebrating (child's name) birthday on (date) at our Binder Family Productions movie studio from 4:30-7:00pm.(child's name) will be in our movie adventure and wants you to be one of the movie's co-starts. Adventures of Popsicle Girl will be filmed on location in and around our movie studio.  Our movie party theme will include time for autographs, movie games and activities, movie screenings and our commissary will be providing a delicious movie production dinner and treats for our entire cast.  Please call your agent (parents name) at (phone #) to rsvp for your  movie star roll in our original movie production.The Studio is located at (address) P.S  Paparazzi (parents) can arrive at 6:40pm to watch the stars walk the red carpet and see the big movie premiere.  Don't forget your camera!

The kids arrived at 4:30 sharp and the party began.  We started with a cast meeting, describing the movie and what each child would be doing.  The Adventures of Popsicle Girl was from a book of short plays for children we found at the library.  It was based on the story of the Gingerbread man.  We decided rather then giving out scripts it was easier to feed them the line before they were filmed.  Improvisation was also very much excepted!  We had a bunch of props and costumes for the kids to choose from.  One adult was helping the kids pick out that stuff while 1 adult was shooting the movie and 1 adult was keeping the flow and feeding the lines. You can whimper and wine till your 103, but I'm the popsicle girl and you'll never catch me.  I think you can get the gist of it from that.

 The birthday girl was the Popsicle girl and she went around to all the different characters who wanted a yummy Popsicle and she would run from them.  By the end of the movie there were 7 silly characters running after her and then she got very hot and melted.  The movie filming took 45 minutes and then the birthday girl's dad began the editing process with (Pinnacle Studios) while the party continued.The kids sat down at the table for dinner and while it was being prepared I brought in a fancy purse.  A movie star had dropped it outside.  We opened it up and there were 20+ items in the small purse.  Everything was small (note pad, pen, tape measure, tissue, chap stick, dice, nail, movie stub, popsicle stick, etc)  We looked at all the items and I gave them one minute to try and remember them.  

Then I took them away and they had to write down as many as they could.  The winner is the person who remembered the most.  Dinner was ready.  For the starts we had mini gourmet burgers, chips, fruit kabobs and a fancy salad.  All the condiments were in cute bowls to keep it looking fancy.  The plates and napkins were black with Hollywood on them and stars.  The decoration around the room was strings of silver stars.  We wanted to keep with the theme but make it elegant.  The party was outdoors and as the evening progressed strings of light added elegance.  

We left the dinner table and played a game called host.  The child playing the host of the party leaves the room.  3 of the party guests pretend they are going to the party but they have something different about themselves.  The non playing guests help them to think of what character they will be playing.   They came up with the following (a guest who hates jewelry,  a guest who is obsessed with her sneakers,  someone had sticky hands, another guest loved fire engines)When the host came back in the room the guests would pretend to knock on the door.  T

he host would welcome them in.  The host had to figure out what the guests thing was.  For instance the girl who didn't like jewelry would say, Hi, thanks for inviting me to this party.  Why are you wearing that necklace, doesn't it bother you.  The only reason I am wearing these earrings is because my mom made me.  I mean who would want their ears pierced.  The host then guesses, you don't like jewelry.  This game was hysterical and the kids really had such a fun time.  

It was time for cake already.  We had cupcakes and displayed them on a tray in the shape of a star and they had sparklers in which really wowed the guests.  While we ate dessert we played Waitress.One person was the waitress and in any voice or accent they wanted to use they would go around and ask the kids what they wanted to eat.  In whatever voice they used the customers also used that voice back.  It didn't take long to get some really funny sounding conversation around the table.  Dessert was over and it was time for the parents to come soon.  

The girls went into the living room where a bunch of dress up clothes old prom dresses that I had and a bunch of accessories were.  They dressed up fancy for the red carpet.  (the parents were arriving and we asked them to wait outside.  Each parent brought their camera and I gave them a little autograph pad.  The girls walked around the house to where the parents were.  (the paparazzi did a great job with taking photos and asking the stars for their autographs. We purchased a red carpet from a party webcite.

Each girl walked the red carpet and posed for their star photo and then entered the house. When everybody was inside popcorn was handed out and the movie premiere began.  The editing took until about 2 minutes before the premiere but we made it!  The movie came out better then we could have imagined.  The kids watched it twice with lots of laughs.  As the guests parted the birthday girl handed out the favor which was a bowl that said popcorn on it.  In it was a mini bag of popcorn, an eight oz can of soda, a kit kat and reeces cup.  We also put in the autograph pad.  The thank you will be the dvd of the movie along with a photo montage from the party.  Overall the party was a great success!

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