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Gigi in Iowa, United States


February 2010


Honorable Mention

 INVITATIONS: Please come with your acceptance speech ready. Don't be late the party starts at time date and is in ____________ Hollywood (address and my name.)      The dining room was decorated by making the color scheme simply white and gold, white tablecloth white chairs white walls (already there) and white furniture. All the plates and accent things were gold. In the basement the MAIN party Area it was basically a total Hollywood club. We have the TV, the music, and everything else. Balloons and streamers were added to in the colors black white red and gold. 

START OF THE PARTY: A clipboard with your mom holding it out in the front yard with all the guests' name on it with the year they were born and what they are e.x- singer, actress, comedian. Your dad can be outside interviewing the girls as they arrive.  They leave their bags there and proceed to the bar for mingling, drinks and snacks. When all of the guest's have arrived you tell them the plan and the rules. Movie Makers you draw out of a hat for 2 judges and 5 actors. Each group then goes and has thirty minutes to write, cast, rehearse, prepare and film a commercial for a subject pulled out of a hat randomly.

There are judges that judge on originality, easy to understand what going on, funniness and time elapsed for each commercial. The rules are simple. Everyone must participate in the commercial whether it's a musical commercial or a simple one. You only have thirty minutes and no longer. You can finish early but use that time to redo things that are confusing or odd. Your commercial should be between one to two minutes long. Any longer will bore the judges and you will loose points. You must use the clothes you are wearing and may only use a room in the house that you also are assigned randomly. If any other room is used, that will hurt your score. Outside does count as a room. Before the judging you need to sign in with the head judge entering your group's names. 

Hollywood Charades: You simply play charades but it's every man for him-self. I mean girl! You act like celebrity and whoever guesses it right gets a point. If no one gets your person within 30 seconds you get the point. It won't be as fun. More ideas include makeovers before grammy, For the makeovers I will ask everyone to bring all their favorite makeup, hair stuff, etc. Then my mom will give us all a beauty makeover!  Dinner there will be a restaurant.

FOOD: We will have menus with pizza hot-dogs nachos, etc. for your main course. Then chips n fruit for sides. We will also have appetizers they will be fruit and vegetable dishes. For the drinks we will be drinking out of plastic Martini glasses Using Print Shop my mom created a formal menu for dinner. My dad will be grilling the food (except the pizza). The menu consists of your choice of pizza hamburger or hot dog. For drinks multiple kinds of pop milk or water. We also have fizzy water and flavored water like the stars have!   The movie star menu should be marvelous! Set up an anytime" buffet on a long table firstly. Bowls of Ruffles candy white-chocolate covered pretzels cupcakes Also to keep it healthy we will have a fruit and veggie platter.      

This party started on Tuesday and ended on Wednesday morning. (Or got to the spa) Firstly the girls arrived at my house for a makeover. I had five stations- Pedicures in one bathroom Manicures in another Hairstyles in the lounge room Make-up in the kitchen and Wardrobe in the study. I decorated each room with a "Gigi's Beauty Parlor" sign that had lots of glitter on it and sparkles. I also put out magazines and turned the tv on in the lounge room so girls could watch it while they were getting their hair done.  In pedicures and manicures we soaked our nails put hand cream on pushed back our cuticles and filed our nails.

Then we polished them and I provided nail decals diamantes and other little bits and pieces to make our nails look really fancy. Some girls even wrote their initials with the diamantes! Others just made hearts or stars. Then they each got a nail polish bottle to put in their satin bags. In the Hairstyles section my mum and her friend were waiting to do everyone's hair. I had all sorts of hair clips hair ties and hair mascara. Everyone got their hair made up differently and could watch tv or read a magazine while it was being done. Make-up my mum and her friend again put mascara eye shadow blush glitter and lip-gloss on everyone. They all got a lip-gloss for their satin bag.   

After all of that replenishing it is time to get your gowns on and go to the Oscars!!! We receive our Oscar awards and the give speeches. Using small little plastic trophies from the party store my mom and sister will award each guest with a certain title/ award. Awards~ Best dressed Best hair Best makeup Best actress Best singer Funniest Person cutest most dramatic also 'Best Birthday Girl' which will go to me. . We then go to the after party where we sing Karaoke and dance.  "

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