Play Doh Party

Play Doh Party -4yr- Beach Bucket Favors




Serenity in Branford, CT USA


Feb. 2004



My 3 year old daughter Tori had the best idea for her 4th birthday.  A Play Doh party!   I have searched everywhere for paper goods with the play doh logo on it but I had no luck.  Fortunately, there are several ways to get around that. 

The invitations were made on my computer by scanning the label from one of our play doh tubs and using the image to make custom invites.  We will have bright yellow plates and napkins to match the famous yellow containers of play doh. 

Balloons will be in rainbow colors to go with all the different colors of play doh.    Our kitchen table is huge enough for all of the kids to sit at and make their play doh creations.  We have tons of different play doh sets and tools for them to use. 

The first activity planned is for each guest to make a "Tori Sculpture".  The one that looks the closest to my daughter wins a prize.....I found a George Foreman Play Doh set after christmas at Wal-Mart for five dollars.    After they are done at the table, one person will clean up the kitchen while the rest of us go outside for a pinata. 

In the pinata is candy, little cookie cutters and lots of different play doh tools.   Instead of putting the little play doh tubs inside the pinata, we have a scavenger hunt planned.  Around the house there will be tons of mini tubs hidden all around for the guests to find.   The cake is going to be home made using fondant on the outside which looks a lot like play doh!  It will be covered with cut out pieces of different colored fondant by usung cookie cutters.   

For goody bags, we have regular beach buckets for the kids to store their new play doh toys!  \*\*This party is planned for 2 hours. 

If you can not go outside for a pinata, they make ones that come with dozens of strings that you pull off one by one.  Eventually the pinata opens and spills out.  This style eliminates the use of a stick which could be hazardous.  Also, this type of party is great for little ones all the way up to big kids.  Who doesn't love Play Doh? Best Wishes!

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