Pirate Girl Party

Pirate Girls Party 8-12yr - Pajama Pirates




Cynthia in St. Augustine, Florida, The Great USA


April 2002


Honorable Mention

For girl or boy ages 8 - 12. This birthday was for my daughter turning 12 years old. The theme was called a "PIRATE GIRLS BIRTHDAY" (of course for boys it would be Pirate Boys). 

Our fun and adventure began with a short but sweet invite for just 4 of my daughters friends. It read... Cassie's Birthday Invite Just us girls a day in the sun having fun. Just a few we can do and hope that one can be you. Come join us at noon and stay till 2pm. You'll be just in time for sun still will shine. See you real soon. (you see that there was no mention of what the theme is or what the birthday would consist of) All of the moms were spoken to by me the same day the girls received the invite.  I explained to the moms all about the what the day of event would be and when I received there consent this is what we did...

At 6:30 AM (yes I said AM) my daughter and I went to each of her friends house (there mom of course had a bag already packed with these items - change of clothes, swim suit, and a basket) we went to her friends room, and woke them up saying, Shhh it's a Pirates Girls Birthday and as pirates we are kidnapping you to the ship.  Get up and brush your teeth and take a tinkle and off you'll be with me.  Of course I couldn't resist taking a picture of the sleepy friend.  Each of the girls were shocked and excited and happily joined us in there p.j.'s and bags. Some wore slippers or sandals and off were to the beach. I encouraged all kinds of pirate type names and hardy har hars voices.  In St. Augustine we have several beaches to choose from and we went to were I could drive on the beach, that way we would be close to the shore. 

All girls with there baskets went and searched for sea shells with there p.j.'s rolled up. Fun and frolicking in the sand and small waves to find shells together as the sun came up, the weather was great not to cold or windy.  (some girls did bring a sweater) Great picture shots along the shoreline. We stayed for about 1 hour, and off to the donut shop for breakfast.  I brought candles and put some in my daughters and we all sang happy birthday along with the employees and other customers joined in.  The girls loved walking in with the p.j's and having a early morning snack.

We went back to our house (now about 9:30am) and the girls changed into their swim suits and went swimming, again not to cold, for about an hour. They played about pirates games in the water with some float boats and pool toys. They came in and changed into their clothes and I told them that they were going on a treasure hunt at the mall, but they had to dress up as pirates.  Each girl received a different colored bandanna and I tied it on their heads like the pirates do and gave them all kinds of appropriate temporary tattoos and stamps to wear on the cheeks and arms and ankles.  They each got a small treasure bag that was able to go over the shoulder like a small knapsack to keep the treasure in.

After we dressed up, we did presents. By 12:00noon off to Taco Bell next to the outlet mall(or regular mall) , we all shared the Mega Grande meal only $10.00 and small drinks. When we arrived at the outlet mall(I had of course already mapped out our hunt previously), I told the girls they had to follow each of the treasure clues to find their treasures and had to do exactly what it said or no treasure awarded. Here are a few of the clues I used... This place is your beginning "LIKE A CREEK WITH BOYS" You must get there in 1 minute to win your treasure reward. (The answer was Brooks Brothers) another was I almost forgot to tell you this game will be "FUN" to play as "KIDS", get there and explain your hunt and ask for names of famous pirates. Write them down on this page and deliver it to the place of the "FRIENDLIEST GHOST" in town. 

Your reward depends on how many names you can get and you have 3 minutes.  (The answers: first store called "So Fun, Kids" and the second store was "Kasper") The girls got 3 pirate names.  The treasure throughout out the hunt were $1.00 dollar bills and I had 15 clues and some had possible double awards. Some clues suggested that they could spend or earn but not both and other clues had them singing a pirates tune. They had to work hard and since they all looked alike, people around them figured out it was a special event.  The girls could of earned $20.00 each, but missed a clue and earned $18.00 each. Then after going through their hunt was able to go to the stores they wanted to shop at.  I had another mom join us for the day and she helped me out with getting the girls ready and helped out at the mall.  It was 2pm when we were all done and I had the rest of the moms meet us at the front of the mall to be picked up.  

The reason I choose to do this, was the amount of money I would of spent for 10 to 12 kids, food, cake and giveaway bags and games could of easily been around $200.  This way I had no clean up, no food to make and no bags to put together. They all got to keep their bandanna and treasure bags. I spent less than $150 and less stress for me and the whole time the girls loved the idea and how different it was and had the best time with just a few (no arguing or differences to deal with especially with 12 year girls). It was not to old and just young enough that they enjoyed playing the theme all the way.

And best of all I enjoyed it to.  I have all the clues and can email them to anyone who would like to read them.

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