Pink Poodle Party

Pink Poodles Party -1yr- Personalized Labels




Jiliene in Sacramento, CA US


August 2007



For my daughter's first birthday, I wanted something somewhat original and related to her love of dogs, so I created a pink poodle town decorated with pink and brown polka dots.  I didn't want the more typical french theme with the poodles. 

The invitations were created on the computer and featured varying sizes of pink and brown polka dots and my daughters photo of her dressed in a pink poodle costume (that later doubled as her halloween costume). It read polka dots of pink and brown decorate this pink poodle town.  So come on out and have some fun our little pup is turning one." 

Decorations included pink and brown plastic table covers pink and brown plastic tableware and pink and brown polka dot plates dozens of brown and pink balloons (they look like polka dots) pink poodle foil balloons pink and brown streamers and blow up pink poodles from Oriental Trading Company..

For centerpieces on the tables I placed: 1) a small stuffed pink poodle 2) frames I painted brown with pink or pink with brown polka dots filled with a picture of the birthday girl from each month 1-12 and 3) terra cotta pots with brown and pink polka dots lined with pink poodle tissue and filled with a variety of pink and brown taffy. 

Food and drink included: specialized water bottle labels with ingredients listed as 40%cute 20%silly..it also listed firsts and the dates those pink balls with coconut (look like pink poodle puffs and on the bottom of the package was a sticker with the polka dots my daughters picture and the date) and pink and brown drinks (pink lemonaide and iced tea) placed in clear pitchers.

There was a "dog pound" with blow up dogs that were not poodles with a sign that said "adopt a dog today".  The kids took home the pink stuffed poodles and blow up dogs and the boys got first dibs on the pound puppies (so they wouldn't have to go home with pink pups). Surprisingly even the older kids up to 13 liked the blow ups. 

For entertainment there was a dog shaped jump house and the adults competed to fill in the blanks on how well they knew the birthday girl and they tried to place the 12 pictures of the baby in chronological order.  The kids and adults got prizes wrapped in pink poodle paper and took home the painted frames and pots too.  My daughter dressed in a pink and brown polka dot dress and her cake was decorated the same.

The highlight was when my daughter unwrapped a present from mom and dad....a shirt that read "I am going to be a big sister"  At one I figured she wouldn't realize we stole a bit of her thunder to make the day even more spectacular for all of the surprised guests!  And to top it off my daughter said "dog" her first word besides mama or dada on her special day!!!  It couldn't have been a better birthday bash.  People raved about the d├ęcor. Have fun at your party."

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