Pink Poodle Party

Pink Poodle Party -1yr- Pink Poodle Costume




Christi in Conway, AR USA


November 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 1st birthday I did the Pink Poodles in Paris theme which just happens to match her nursery.

INVITATIONS: I took a picture of my daughter in a pink poodle costume (halloween outfit found on ebay) on a white backdrop with a black wire Eiffel Tower. On my computer I made the invites (postcard size)-front- w/ a pink striped background, daughters pink poodle picture on the right half of the postcard and on the left it said Oodles of Poodles and lots of fun - come celebrate as ______________ turns ONE!" in a french script font. Back- pink polka dot background "Heure" (time) "Adresse" (address) "Repondez s'il vous plait" (RSVP & #) & used a pink poodle & Eiffel Tower clip art.

DECORATIONS: I used the 1st birthday poodle napkins plates & banner from celerateexpress.com cutest I've ever seen! My husband hung the banner outside the house over the front door. As you come in the house I had a basket full of black poodles (from halfpricedplush.com) w/ adoption certificates (___ was adopted by ____ on Sunday Nov 25 2007 at ______'s 1st birthday party on pink or blue background w/poodle clip art) & ribbons & collars the kids could pick out themselves. In the dining room I hung pink tule from my chandelier coming down & draping around the back side of the table.

I used my 3 ft black Eiffel Tower & a large stuffed pink poodle in the center. In front of them I had the cake to the right side was a crystal punch bowl cups platesetc. & to the left a tray of cookies & a cupcake 3tiered stand. In the living room I had my Dad make a 4 ft by 6 ft wooden replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It was white w/ 2 runs of crown molding. I found 3 round decorative pieces painted black to put at the top I long black swirly piece in the middle drew & painted the arch black & painted black & white poodles on pedestals on both sides of the arch.

My husband ran a rope light at the top so it would glow. I also attached balloons on both sides to cover up the ropes we used to secure the giant arch in front of my fireplace. It took some work but looked great & will double as a headboard in the daughters room  when she moves out of her crib! I had another table in the kitchen w/ poodle & Eiffel Tower material as a tablecloth & a blk & white hat box w/ pink poodles as a centerpiece. Also had a dog bone frame ($ store) w/ a picture of the birthday girl.

FOOD - I used my crystal platters on the kitchen island & had crossiants deli ham & a variety of cheese for sandwiches.

DRINKS - pink lemonade in the punch bowl & café au lait.

CAKE - I made a two layer white fondant covered cake on a silver & crystal pedestal stand. I had a black fondant band at the bottom of the bottom (larger) cake & at the bottom of the top (smaller) cake. I piped little pink beads on top of the blk band pink swirls all over the bottom cake & wrote in pink icing "Happy 1st Birthday ______". On the very top I had a pink little pet shop poodle & a blk & white polka dot candle.

On the cupcake stand I alternated pink & white iced cupcakes & had made chocolate poodle suckers (pink & white) from a mold that I stuck in each cupcake. I also had a platter of bone shaped sugar cookies with pink & white icing.  The birthday girl & her older sister were dressed in pink dresses with a poodle & polka dotted skirts. I embroidered "1st birthday" on birthday girls dress. I also embroidered a bib with "1st birthday" & an Eiffel Tower.

The only activity was when the kids (some older) adopted named & put ribbons on their stuffed poodles. That was also the goody bag. We used blk dogs b/c there were several boys invited. Had 24 people total & everyone seemed to have a great time. Enjoyed watching the birthday girl dig into her little cake & open gifts.

Of course instead of toys she wanted to play with the plastic hanger from an outfit!!  Thanks to this great site for all the wonderful party ideas!"

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