Pink Poodle Party

Pink Poodle -5yr- Ears, Collar & Tag




Kristen in Portola Hills, CA USA


October 2004



Pink Poodle Party!?!  My daughter asked for a Pink Poodle Party for her 5th birthday! What is that??  I got lots of great ideas from this website, Oriental Trading Company and Birthday Express and we had a great party!    Birthday Express had a whole page of Pink Poodle Party stuff...invitations, plates, napkins, decorations, goody bags...(Or Doggy Bags as we called them!)  I ordered the whole set! (They even had a pinata we did not use!)  I ordered gift bags from their "THE DOG" page for the boys coming to the party.   

I sent out invitaions saying "Well have a doggone good time! Please come to Rachel's Pink Poodle Party.  We had just 10 kids...all five or six...(half girls and half boys.)As the kids arrived they got to guess how many dog bones where in a big glass jar....(I used dog treats) Then each got a set of Pink dogs ears...(Brown for the boys) I made out of craft foam.  They also got a dog collar with a bone hanging down with their name on it. (Also made from craft foam!) They got to decorate with shinny stickers to look like diamonds.  We then drew simple dog faces on each child and took their picute next to the poodle picture we used for games...(see below).   

We did crafts poodle tote bags from Oriental Trading Company for the girls and Dog bookmarks..(from same place) for the boys!  After crafts we played games.  Pin the Tail on FI FI (my artisitc mother drew a great picture of a poodle on big foamcore board, using the invitation to copy from.)Fi Fi says (ie: Simon says only with dog commands..sit-up, bark, roll-over etc.) Pass the Bone like Hot Potato only we made a CD with all dogs songs on it for the music (Who let the dogs out,

How much is that doggy in the window, hound dog..etc.) And Doggy, Doogy where's your bone.  We told the kids in advance that they were all winners and would all get a "doggy bag" full of prizes when they went home, but the games were just for fun!  Instead of "getting out" of a game, they "Got to" go sit in the Dog Pound a corner full of stuffed dogs to play with! (All were happy to play and get out!!) 

We served Hot Dogs, Pink lemonade and Pink Cupcakes.  I took a picture of each child, in their dog get-up with my daughter next to the dog poster and used the pictures on the Thank You notes I sent later!  It was an hour and half long just right! All had a great time and it was easy and not too pricy either!! Mom's were raving and kids had a blast!Lots of planning in advance made it run smoothly and look harder then it was!!

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