Pink Poodle Party

French Poodle Soiree -4yr- Invite for Mademoiselle




Jana in Haughton,La. (U.S.A.)


Feb. 2004



Pink French Poodle Soiree': For my daughter's 4th birthday I decided to give her a very unique birthday. She loves pink poodles,and is very prissy so when I found a pink poodle cake, I decided to go with it.

The invitation read: Bonjour, ma cheri-respondez s'il vous plait  The plans must begin for the party today  Ooh-la-la! A birthday with fun galore  All because(child's name)is turning four!  Pretty in pink and oh so tres chic  From the top of her head to her cute little feet!  (child's name)is ready,so let's celebrate  With pastries and bon-bons  Now don't you be late!  She requests your presence  At her French poodle soiree'  The number is (phone number)  Call us s'il vous plait  Au revoir for now  But soon we'll see you  Join us for the party  At 3203 Trailview  Saturday, March 13th is the big to do  La Boutique de Paris  Opens promptly at two!  I also addressed every envelope with the greeting of "Mademoiselle (child's name)".

I placed a sign at the front door that read: La Boutique de Paris, and in the dinning room where the food was located that read: Cafe de Paris. \*To my surprise most every little girl showed up in some type of pink poodle or French inspired attire. Upon arrival to Boutiqe de Paris her guests were treated to a manicure and pedicure by some older teenage girls dressed in fancy pink and black fur that I recruited for this special occasion. Each girl got to choose from either hot pink and/or lime green nail polish.

The party colors were hot pink, lime green, and black, which were apparent in the numerous balloons just floating in the air. The girls made hot pink poodle totes with a Frenh theme on them and pink or white poodle magnets at the craft table after their nails and toes were done.

At the "Café" they dinned on pasties, bon-bons, chicken salad croissants, jeweled purse cookies, poodle shaped PBJ sandwiches, white chocolated dipped strawberries, mini-quiches, and of course a wonderful very large pink French poodle cake.

When leaving the boutique each guest was presented with a gift box that was covered in hot pink or lime green organza tied with a black and white checked ribbon.  In the box were poodle pencils, poodle notepads, poodle jelly pops, poodle stickers, nail polish, hot pink sunglasses with fake diamonds, and a mini plush poodle (all party favors were purchased at The Oriental Trading Co.). The experience at Boutique de Paris was different and one my daughter said she would never forget!

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