Penguin Party

Penguin Pool Party -7yr- Penguin Ring Toss




Juli in Colbert, Georgia, US


January 2007



My son wanted a Penguin Theme for his 7th birthday swimming pool party.

I created invitations on the computer using penguin graphics and the text , Join us for Dustin's Penguin Pool Party! It'll be SO COOL!

I used black white and orange for everything (orange for the beak and feet.)  I decorated the food table with a shiny silver table cloth to resemble ice.  I placed stuffed animal penguins around the pool and patio area. I used black and white and orange balloons (less of the orange.)

The plates and napkins were black and white the forks and cups were orange.  I found miniature wind-up penguins at Party City and had those on the table with the food. I also found penguin dog chew toys that were about six inches tall and I bought two of those to decorate and give to our dog after the party. (Everyone wins!)

For the pool I found an inflatable penguin ring toss game and I bought two of those to float in the pool.  I also bought several black and white beach balls to float in the water.

For the food: I served Goldfish crackers in a black bowl gummie penguin candies that I found at a candy store and we had Orange Fanta and other soft drinks. 

For the cake  I made tiny penguins out of Old-Fashioned Cream Drops (instructions below) and had a local baker bake and decorate an igloo cake.  I placed the penguins on the cake in the blue area that looked like water.  The kids loved eating the penguins right off the cake before we cut it! 

To make the cream drop penguins: Put the cream drops in the refrigerator to keep them hard.  With a sharp knife slice the front off of the cream drop to reveal some of the white inside. Use an orange sprinkle from the candy sprinkles or any tiny orange candy sprinkle for the beak.  Keep refrigerated until the last minute before putting on the cake. Nothing else is needed to create the look of the penguin.

I found penguin shirts online for the birthday boy and his mom dad and little brother.  We wore these during the cake cutting and gift time. I wrapped his gifts in black and white paper with an orange bow.

For the goodie bags I used orange bags and tied with black and white. Each had a mini-wind-up penguin some penguin stickers mini bubbles and some 'cool mints'.

I was amazed how much penguin stuff and black and white stuff you could find when really looking!  It was a blast planning his party!

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