Penguin Party

Penguin Party -6yr- Penguin Race




Beth in Bloomsbury, NJ USA


May 2006



We had a penguin birthday party for my daughters 6th birthday. 

Finding penguin items in May was not easy so we had to be creative.  We played penguin races. The kids had large rubber bands around their ankles and had to waddle like a penguin.

We also had race where they had to walk around with a bean bag on their feet, like a penguin egg, the last person with a bean bag won.

They bobbed for fish, had to grab a toy fish from a kiddie pool with their mouth. We also had a penguin pinata. And I made penguin bingo cards.  We had blue punch with penguin ice cubes.

I made a cake that looked like a penguin. and they had ice cream.  I also made fish crackers, using fish cookie cutters, but you could use goldfish crakers.  

For crafts they made penguin hats, with was a head band made from blue constrution paper that looked like waves, then decorated with penguin cut outs and stickers.  This idea can be found on the Monterey Bay Aquarium web site. 

I also printed a penguin coloring page.  These crafts were done while waiting for all the guests to arrive. 

They later made a penguin magnet craft.

For goodie bags I used white bags with a picture of a penguin glued to it.  I found penguin light up necklaces, penguin finger puppets and artic theme balls at Rhode Island novelties website. 

I also found mint patties by Brachs that had a penguin pictured on the front.

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