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Mickey's Olympics -4yr- Googey's Triple Jump




Tammy in Kaukauna, WI USA


June 2006


Honorable Mention

My son will have a Mickey Mouse Olympic Birthday Party for his 4th birthday in a couple weeks. We invite friends & relatives to his birthday so we have about 15 kids ranging from 1yr to age 12yrs plus 25 adults.

The invitations said: You're invited to an Olympic Birthday Party Featuring Team Mickey (USA). Then I gave all the details: time, address, etc. and at the bottom I put "Bring your team spirit" I used clipart I found on the internet of Mickey wearing a birthday hat and holding up "Happy Birthday". I washed out a clipart picture of the American flag and put it behind the details section. I also used a clip art of the Olympic Rings & Torch to add to the bottom. I ran the invitations off onto cardstock.

Decorations, I bought a 52 Mickey Airwalker balloon for less than $10.00 on E-bay. I also have some Disney & Friends latex birthday balloons from a party store. I bought an Olympic torch & patriotic balloons from Oriental Trading Company for an added touch. I will post a schedule of events program around the house. (in the bathroom, on the front door, etc. and placed extra programs on the refreshment table. I'm going to include scanned photos of my son from birth on and put the pictures on the front cover. Inside will be a list of the games and location for each event.  

Food: I got recipes from www.kraftfoods.com in the patriotic section.  For refreshments, we will have the Kraft Patriotic Punch recipe. Snacks will include our favorite Layered Taco Dip Recipe using 3 round plates to look like Mickey's head & ears. The kids absolutely love shaped Finger Jello. We will use a mickey mouse cookie cutter to make cut outs of mickey's head  & a donut cookie cutter to make the Olympic rings.  For Supper, we grill out Hamburgers, various side dishes, for an extra touch we will have Mickey Cheese Shapes for the burgers & Kraft JELL-O Easy Patriotic Flag Dessert recipie.  The cake recipe will be Kraft Patriotic Poke Cake recipe and will be in the shape of a full body Mickey using a retired Wilton Pan. 

Events: I plan games to keep the kids busy for about 1hr to 2hr.  When the kids come they will be making their own Mickey Mouse Ears Hat using  Disneymatic hat maker online (use a google search for Disneymatic). They also will make noisemakers using the Mickey Mouse TP roll template at DLTK's Crafts for Kids website. We will fill the tubes with rice and cover both ends with tape and attach red, white & blue streamers to it turn it into Mickey Shakers to cheer our teammates on during the games.

Games:  I used Disney Clip Art to make posters labeling each event and tied to  balloons to each one. I have a CD changer hooked to some speakers outside and will play songs from Yankee Doodle Mickey CD and other patriotic & Olympic CD's a find for atmosphere music. 

Driveway games:  Goofey's Triple Jump-Mark a start line and allow each child a hop skip & a jump.  Use the measuring tape and write down the distance. Donald's Basketball Toss- Each child gets 3 turns to see how many baskets they can make in the hoop or can use a small garbage can.

Track Games: We spray-painted a track in our grass. Mickey's Tunnel Relay   children are divided into two team the children run around the track and crawl through the tunnels and back handing a papertowel tube to the next person. Goofey's Backward Race- walk backwards to the finish line. Goofey's Balloon between the Knee Race-  Have the children put soft inflated balloons between their knees and hop to the fishish line.  Daisy's Water Relay- Dip a cup or small pail into a larger bucket of water run around the track, dump the cup or small pail into a empty bucket and the next one in line did the same. At the end see which team had the most water.

Inner Circle Games: Minnie's Javelin-Throw straws and see who can throw them the farthest. Pluto's Olympic Rings-set up 5 hula hoops like the olympic rings on the lawn.  Throw Frisbee's -points are awarded for landing in different hoops. Three Man BobSled -2 children in a wagon with their dad pulling them around a course, around trees, and other objects. Donald's Pick a Duck Carnival Game  Children pick ducks that are floating in a small tub of water. The number on the duck matched the number on the corresponding box of prizes they picked from. 

The Prizes are all patriotic or Disney themed, candy, stickers, pencils, flags, rubber bracelets cups etc. novelty stuff from Oriental Trading. Last is the Medal Ceremony, on our patio-deck steps, which will double as the podium. All the children will be awarded with medals (also at oriental trading) while playing the Star-Spangle Banner and raising the flag on the flagpole.

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