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Monster's Inc. Party -2yr- Chain of Doors Décor




Joy in Wichita, KS USA


November 2010


Special Mention

When my son turned 2 he was obsessed with the Monster's Inc. movie so we knew that would be the perfect theme for his party.  

The invitations read, Are you ready for a Monster of a Party? Let's scare up some birthday fun for (CHILD'S NAME) 2nd birthday!  Feel free to wear your pj's to the party!  When: ___Where:  The (INSERT YOUR LAST NAME) Scare Floor. We hope you'll join us for food and fun. These were printed in lime green, turquoise and purple to match the color scheme of Monster's Inc.  I created a PowerPoint slide w/ all the information and graphics, saved it as a jpeg, and sent it off to be developed!  Cheap and easy!   His birthday is in late April so we planned to have most of the activities in our backyard and basement (if it rained).

For decorations we used the colors lime green, turquoise, and purple for balloons and streamers.  Lime green balloons were blown up and we attached eyeballs to them to look like Mike Wazowksi.  My husband made about 30 doors on his computer in various colors and printed them out on cardstock.  We strung them across our living room to resemble the chains of doors from the movie.  This really turned out very cute and was so easy.  

We also printed out some of the characters from the movie to hang on the walls for some more splashes of color.  I collected Pringles cans and covered them w/ yellow paper that looked like the scream containers in the movie.  I changed the wording to Unrefined Laugh and Gigglewatts like they have at the Laugh Floor at Disney World.   These containers were placed on the mantle as decorations, but were also the favors for each child.  Inside each one was a rolled up, lime green t-shirt that I painted w/ fabric paints to look like Mike's eye!  

There were also a few little monster finger puppets, stickers, and monster band-aids inside each container. When the guests arrived, my oldest daughter greeted them at the Monster's Inc. receptionist's table (like Celia from the movie!) and gave each child a passport of activities.

For the next 30 or so minutes, guests participated in the following activities:
1.Randall's Graffiti (sidewalk chalk on the pat)
2. Mr. Waterno's Water Fun (kiddie pool w/ water toys)
3.Monstropolis Monster Mae (playhut tunnels set up as a maze)
4. Boo's Bowling (just a regular bowling set for kids)
5.Mike Wazow's l's Eye Beanbag Toss (a target made from poster board to resemble Mike-basically 4 circles:  black in the middle, blue, white, then lime green)
6.Sully's Snack Station (dining room table w/ all the snacks and drinks)  I had my niece, nephew and other older family members help at each station.  

As each child finished a station they received a sticker for that part of their passport booklet. We put out coloring pages of the characters w/ crayons for those who finished early or they could go back and do some of the stations again.

The food table was covered w/ a lime green plastic tablecloth and the cake table had a purple one.  Here is what we ate:-I made round sugar cookies w/ the Monster's Inc. logo and some that looked like Mike-Cake pops:  some w/ turquoise and purple dots for Sully and some green w/ eyeballs for Mike-Veggie tray w/ dip (Monster fingers, toes, etc)-Snack mix (Monster Mix)-Chips (Monster's Fingernails-ugh, but the kids loved it!) Drinks were simple juice boxes and pop cans in coolers on the deck. 

My 2 oldest children (9 and 5) had helped make a Mike Wazowski pinata for the party.  I handed out paper bags w/ each child's name on them for them to collect the candy and then we lined up from youngest to oldest.  We let the younger children take a few swings!   It proved to be a very well made pinata and took some of the oldest kids to finally break it!  After the pinata, we had the kids watch a few video shorts (outtakes and others we found on the internet) downstairs while we waited for our pizza supper to arrive.  

After supper, it was time for CAKE!   The cake table had two cakes (I make my own and just couldn't resist!)  One was a 9x13 of Sully peeking around the corner and the other was a fondant covered Mike Wazowski cake.  Although it wasn't his first birthday, we let our son use the small Mike cake as a smash cake.  We also had a Scream Container on the cake table that held more cake pops.  We served the cake with a choice of mint chocolate chip ice cream or vanilla.

I had a few more games planned (relay w/ spoons and jelly beans to fill the scream container and sleeping bag sack races) but there wasn't much time left and the kids were having fun at some of the stations again so we did not get to them. I always like to have extra things planned rather than risk running out of things to do.  We had asked for no gifts please from our friends and so there was no gift opening.  Our family members had brought some gifts, which we put away during the party, and then when the guests had left and only family remained, we let our son open his gifts from us and other family members. 

This was probably one of my favorite parties I have ever planned!  Everything went very smoothly and the kids had a lot of fun.

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