Cupcake Party

Monsters Mike Party -5yr- Mike Balloos




Melissa in Birmingham, AL, USA


July 2009



My 5 year old son wanted a Monsters Inc birthday party, concentrating specifically on the Mike monster. 

INVITATIONS: I ordered invitations from vistaprint.com that had orange, lime green, & blue polka dots.  I left room at the top to add a clipart Mike above the text.  I googled clipart Mike from Monsters Inc and saved many free options.  I printed the Mike clipart on white cardstock, cut it out, & attached with a foam pop up square.  The invitation wording said Join us for a monsterously good time!  You're invited to a pool party for Jacob's 5th birthday Date Time Place RSVP info.

DECORATIONS: Since the party was at a pool, we didn't need a lot of decorations.  I made a poster board sign for the entrance that said Welcome to Jacob's MONSTER of a party! with a clipart Mike on it too.  For the tables, I filled metal buckets with glass beads, blowers, & clipart Mike on sticks and attached balloons.  I did lime green balloons and attached cutout eyeballs & smiles to make the balloons look like Mike. 

FAVORS: Since Mike is the comedian of Monsters Inc, I ordered a riddle & joke book from amazon.com (What do you hear when cows sing?) for the favors.  I also had bubbles for younger brothers and sisters at the party.  To the books & the bubbles, I tied suckers and a tag that said thank you for coming to my MONSTER of a party with Mike clipart (again).  I used round suckers and glued a lime green circle & big wiggly eye to them to look like Mike. 

FOOD: I went simple & easy on the food: Little Caesars $5 hot-n-ready pizzas, cheetos, popcorn, watermelon, juice boxes, water, tea, & soda.  For dessert, I served ice cream cups with Mike cake.  I made the Mike cake with a large round cake pan and lime green icing with eyes, a mouth, & horns.  I added arms and legs with lime green pipe cleaners.  We used plain lime green plates, napkins, cups, etc.  At first, I was a little concerned when my son said he wanted a Monsters Inc party & I realized that Monsters Inc party stuff isn't readily available anymore.  But, it turned out great and was a really fun party (& exactly what he wanted)!

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