Mary Poppins Party

Mary Poppins Party -3yr- Spoon Full of Sugar Race




Jennifer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA


June 2009


Special Mention

My daughter fell in love with Mary Poppins when she was 2.  She dressed up as Mary Poppins for Halloween and insisted she have a Poppins birthday when she turned 3.  That meant I had 8 months to plan no problem right.  Wrong, there is nothing Mary Poppins anywhere for a Mary Poppins Party.  My daughter favorite part in the movie was Jolly Holiday.   So this is what I did. 

INVITATIONS; I hand stamped my invitations.  I mounted a white piece of card stock onto a larger red peace but still small enough to put into an envelope.  It read, It's a Jolly Holiday with Madison with place, date and time below.  I stamped red and pink flowers along both sides and at the top in the middle I glued a red satin bow.  It was beautiful and very classy.  At the bottom I put we'll have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Time and instead of RSVP, I put Mary's saying of Spit Spot and our phone number.   

DECORATIONS: Because Mary's Jolly Holiday dress was red and white all my decorations where all red and white.  I took long red plastic tablecloth and cut them in half long ways and tie them into bows and took white tablecloth and cut them the same way and ran that along the fence and deck railings bunching it every yard or so putting a red bow at every bunch.  It really was beautiful for plastic tablecloth.  I put a white round table cloth over my table umbrella and put a big red bow on top in the middle and small red bows at each point. 

It resembled the carousal perfectly.  I also found card stock carousel horses at the local paper store.  I had my kids color them and placed them on top of the deck railings.  I borrow small 2 person bistro/ice cream shop tables from everyone I knew and set the throughout my yard.  In the center were plastic penguin figurines I found at the dollar store around Christmas.  You almost felt like you were inside Bert's drawing.  Plates and napkins and forks and spoons were all red.   

SNACKS: For lunch we had tea sandwiches and Raspberry lemonade.  Raspberry Ice is what Mary Poppins orders in the movie, we subsisted raspberry lemonade. Delicious.  I used dinner rolls and small croissants to make the sandwiches with everything from peanut butter and jelly to roast beef.  We also had salads like potato and pasta.  

GAMES/ACTIVITES: Games came a little easier.  The party was outside so space wasn't limited but you could scale down if you had to.  Bert's Chalk Drawings  - we assigned children a sidewalk square and gave them some sidewalk chalk.  Simple.  It did look like it was going to rain earlier that week, so I got so big cardboard boxes and cut them to size just in case we would be indoors.  Chalk works great on cardboard. Spoon Full of Sugar Rac We had 2 teams, each team had to use a teaspoon and run about 15 feet to fill up a cup with sugar.  They loved this game we played it over and over. 

Horse Rac I borrowed a bunch of those stuffed horses on a stick.  Lucky for me all of them were pink, white, or purple.  Okay, I had one brown one but it didn't really matter.  Each child got a horse and we raced across the yard in a circle.  I have the Mary Poppins Disney CD so during the race I played the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; we did like a freeze dance thing where when the music stops the runner stops.  It was fun. During the kids games I gave the adults a Mary POPpins quiz.  I asked 10 questions about the movie (most easy a couple hard) with the winner to receive a bag full of sugar (candy bars).  They loved it.  You would be surprised how even the adults like to play games.

Here are my questions   Mary POPpins Quiz 1.What is the house address Mary Poppins answers an advertisement for? 2.What is the handle of Mary Poppins umbrella? 3.What helps the medicine go down? 4.What kind of animals were the waiters in Jolly Holiday and how many were there? 5.How long does May Poppins say she will stay? 6.Who is rather incline to giggle andoesn't put things away? 7.What atops Mary Popps black hat? 8.Where do Michael and Jane have a tea party with Mary Poppins, Burt, and Uncle Albert? 9.What did Michael want to do with his topins? 10.Who Step in Time? 11.What does Mary Poppins saying for hurry up? 12.What did Mrs. Banks use to fashion a tail for the kite?  

COSTUMES: I went to the craft store and got 10 straw floppy hats and spray painted them white glued red flowers and toole on them for all the girls and the boys got white Dixie hats just like Bert's.  I found them at the local costume store.  My daughter wore her White and red Jolly Holiday dress I made her for Halloween.   

CAKE: The cake was one of Bert's drawings.   In the movie on the sidewalk he has a chalk drawing with birds and a red ribbon, it says All Contributions Welcome.   We took out the contributions part out to put Happy Birthday and when we were at Disney World in May my daughter took a beautiful picture with Mary Poppins (both in their Jolly Holiday dresses) and the bakery was able to scan the picture and put it on the cake under the red ribbon.  It was perfect.  If you take a look at the movie you will understand.  It's at Bert's chalk drawing part, right before they jump.   

FAVORS: For the goodie bags I tried to find as much as I could to fit the movie.  I found Penguin suckers.  I found animal crackers that had carousal on the front of the package.  Pixie sugar sticks.  Sidewalk chalk.  And of course they got to keep their Poppins hat.  It was a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Time!

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