Mary Poppins Party

Mary Poppins Party -4yr- Raspberry Ice




Valerie in Melissa, TX USA


April 2009



My daughter is a big fan of the movie Mary Poppins so we chose that theme for her 4th birthday party. It's hard to find party things from this movie so we had to be creative. I made the invitations on my computer using a cute picture I found online of Mary in silouhette flying over the rooftops with her umbrella. I put It's a Jolly Holiday for NAME on the front and put the date and time. On the back, I put Please Join Us for NAME's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 4th Birthday Party. The time was from 9:30 until the wind changes. The place was #17 Cherry Tree Lane (otherwise known as - I put our address).

Then I wrote Your Presence will make the party Practically Perfect in Every Way so please RSVP Spit Spot! When the guests arrived, we had some tubs of big chalk so they could make chalk pavement pictures before we jumped into" our Jolly Holiday. Since we couldn't have a real carousel in the backyard we did find a bounce house that was round and looked like a carousel. This was worth every penny as the kids loved it. The bounce house was delivered the night before the party so our family was able to enjoy it the night before too. 

Since it was hot we started our treat time with "raspberry ice." We make some raspberry drink and froze it and then shredded it using a home snow cone maker/type product. So we ended up with bowls of pretty pink icy treats and we added some real raspberries on top. Since it was early in the morning we didn't do lunch. But we did serve some fruit and cheese trays to keep the kids going. We spray painted some little paper umbrellas black and stuck those in the fruit and cheese. All the kids wanted to take one home.

We couldn't find Mary Poppins plates so we just used pink. I drew black umbrellas on the pink cups. We found carousel horse craft kits from oriental trading. We decided not to make these as part of the party since the kids really just wanted to jump in the bounce house. Instead my daughter and I made them ahead of time and used them as decorations. Each kid got to choose one to take home. 

For the cake I got the Wilton's carousel cake separator. I bought a round cake from a bakery and they placed the carousel part on top of the cake for me. I then make some cupcake to put on the top layer of the carousel. It turned out very cute. While the kids ate and played we played the music from our Mary Poppins CD. It was a very Jolly Holiday!"

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