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Magic Carpet Ride -12yr- Website Invite




Brandie in Rome, GA US


January 2008


Honorable Mention

Magic Carpet Ride is the theme for my daughters 12th birthday. The idea is to be like MTV's sweet sixteen on a low budget.  

INVITATIONS: I made the invitations with a purple background and found a magic lamp with smoke on the internet and designed a background on the computer. I downloaded the Aladdin movie font by doing a search on the internet. The invitation reads: Why don't you come celebrate with me and go on a Magic Carpet Ride, before you leave, grab Aladdin's Lamp, make a wish and wait and see, you're invited to _________'s Birthday Party, where everyone will be. I had the invitations printed on Shutterfly.com on 5x7 glossy paper. They looked more expensive. We included in the inivation 2 wristbands to the party which allows them to bring a guest).

I bought a website through GoDaddy.com for $10. I have the invitation on the front page with a page for messages, pictures, and a page to email her for a R.S.V.P. The ticket says they must RSVP on the website in order to attend the party since it is invitation only! I have a friend working" the entrance with a "guest list" and checking wristbands. I spent a lot of time on the invites because I feel like it they look expensive and interesting printed at home with an idea of costumes. We asked that each person make or buy a costume. I included a list of supplies from local craft and fabric stores with ideas for boys and girls.  

DECORATIONS: I took a picture of her printed and framed it with a large mat for everyone to sign. A red carpet entrance will be set-up and paparazzi (family and friends) will stand on the side with their cameras. I found aladdin lamp incense burners for $9 on the web to use as centerpieces. I bought cheap chiffon to hang on the walls. I bought inexpensive rugs & bright colored pillows from Ikea to put on the floors around tables.

The tables are just a block with a sheet of plywood on top with fabric over them.  The tables will be filled with candles in lanterns I bought at Ikea for cheap. I bought finger cymbals turbans slippers fake cobras in baskets and fake jewelry on a costume website for decorations on the table. I am only setting up one long table. It kept the cost down for the supplies and decorations plus allowed room for the kids to dance and mingle. We did not set up a designated time to eat. They will sing happy birthday at a designated time and we will bring out the cake which is a belly dancer. 

ENTERTAINMENT: I have a local artist doing "fake Henna tattoos". We will have a fortune teller booth set-up. A friend volunteered to wear a fortune teller costume ($35) and a crystal ball to "tell fortunes". I bought a snake charmer costume that has a snake puppet for the hand($40) on the web for my brother to wear. I hired a local D.J. for the music and to announce my daughters' entrance. The D.J. also has a light show that was included in the price. For her grand entrance to the snake charmer music will be playing. I bought a tripod ($20) for my digital camera and set up a booth for pictures which I will upload onto Shutterfly.com and allow the children attending to purchase or view. I will also upload the pictures onto the website for them to see. I will set-up a t.v. with a belly dancing tutorial video. 

FOOD: I have ordered food trays from Chik-fil-a very easy and inexpensive. I saved wine bottles for months and painted them with acrylic paints and added beads to them to serve drinks. I bought clear plastic bowls for the food and sauces and painted the outside with paint to make them look expensive. I bought dark purple red orange and green plastic plates and cups. I bought the silverware that is plastic but looks real in gold color. 

GIFTS: I bought chinese take-out boxes from Orientaltrading.com and filled them with candy."

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