Magic Party

Magical Party -6yr- Top Hat Favors




Lori in Chesapeake Va.


February 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 6th birthday we did a magic party theme. The invitations were bought off ebay .They were light blue card stock with a magic wand making star dust over a magic hat. The wording was Abracadabra Lickety Split A little Magic and Amazing Tricks. We need you join us to make Sidney's 6th Birthday a sure Fire Hit. Saturday Jan. 6 2:30pm 3:00pm Lance The Great" Performs.  for the address we put our last name xxxxx magic house then continued w/ our address. They really turned out cute and we got a ton of compliments on them.

The theme was based around the birthday express  Hocus pocus party supplies. The colors were redblack and gold. For the decorations I hung red and black streamers everywhere. I  hung red and black paper lanterns from the curtain rods on all of the party area windows.I hung a gold metalic curtain in the doorway from the kitchen into the livingroom were the magician performed. Red and gold stars were hanging from the ceiling and 3 large paper  playing cards were hung up on the party area wall. The tables had red black and gold table clothes with confetti gold stars sprinkled all over them.

The cake table had a gold metalic table skirt around it to add even more magical sparkle. Of course we had balloons a ton of balloons everwhere all in the party colors some latex and some mylar. Since the party was at 2:30pm after lunch and before dinner I did not do real heavy food. The cake table included the cake of course it was a magic hat with a rabbit  coming out of the hat it was so cute. I had a punch bowl with red punch and a Chocolate foutain all on the cake table. The kids really love the chocolate fountain I found these wooden scewers at the dollar store in the wedding section that had metalic sparkly stuff on the end of them they went so well with the theme. I had a tray of assorted fruitpretzels and marshmallows for the chocolate fountain.

For the main food table I made a hot pizza dip served w/ star shaped bread little pigs in a blanket and a veggie tray. I used plastic magic hats for chip bowls and to hold the paper products on both food tables. I made a tray of black magic hat cookies using marshmallows fudge striped cookies and edible glitter. I layed around several magic wands on the table for decorations. I used as a center piece a glass vase half way filled with gold metalic paper straw and chocolate dipped large pretzel rods sprinkled with colorful sprinkles. It was very pretty.

The first 30 min of the party everyone socialized and snacked. When the magician performed all of the children were given a small popcorn bag we called it magic popcorn because we sprinkled edible glitter in each of their bags they loved it. The magican performed for an hour then we cut the cake and opened presents. I had planned a couple games for the kids to play but there just was not enough time.

Each child went home with a Awesome goodie bag. I am very proud of how cute these turned out. I started buying stuff for this party months ahead of time so the kids ended up w/ some great lute. I took a plastic black magician hat and filled the bottom with colored metalic straw in party colors. Each hat included a magic wandmagic coin trickmagic card set glow in the dark stars and moons hocus pocus stickerspop rocks fortune cookies wrapped and tied w/  sparkly ribbon( I made these out of pie crust each child got two one had a message of Jan. 6th will be a magical day and the other said True friends are magical each was sprinkled w/ edible glitter)  crystal clear rock candy sucker wrapped in clear cellophane tied with a sparkly ribbon  red licorice (twizlers) wands dipped in white chocolate sprinkled w/ edible glitter wrapped and tied w/ ribbon  bag of trix ( cellophane bag w/ trix cereal labled w/ printed sticker read bag of trix) bag of magic beans ( cellaphane bag filled w/ jelly beans labled magic beans) I think thats everything I put the hat in a basket size cellaphane bag and tied it w/ sparkly ribbon around the wand. This party was a hugh success I have thrown some great ones but my daughter says this was the best mom ! "

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