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Tinamarie in Duncanville, Texas United States


October 2006


Special Mention

THE LORD OF THE RINGS (8 year old girl)  First off I started early. I asked my daughter what she wanted the theme of her birthday party to be. This was in August and her birthday is on 21st of October. She thought of the Lords of the Rings because she loved the movies and we were watching the extended versions at the time. I had to make sure she actually wanted that and she was sure she did.  

I first made my daughter a birthday dress of one of the Lord of the Rings female characters (Arwen). She loved it. It looked exactly like a dress Arwen wore in the movie. She even had an head piece with blue roses and a veil made from some of the dress material. She wanted her dress to be made in blue. 

For my guest I made for the boys newspaper swords. I fashioned several pieces of newspaper into swords (folding them long length wise and the guard was made from the short length of the paper). I then painted them silver (metal part of the sword) and gold (the guard and handle). I placed craft jewels on them as well (on curls of the guard and on the handle). They were a hit with the boys, girls and the adults.

For the girls, I made damsel hats. I took strong card board paper and rolled them. I covered them with fabric and around them I placed some trim. Coming from the point of the hat I placed some netting that was little under a yard. I stapled some stretchy banding to pull around their chins (think regular party hats) to help keep the hats on. They loved them. I also made with silver stretchy string necklaces, which I put on them gold wedding novelty rings. I made from felt green leaf pins (to make them stiffer I used construction paper glued to one side of the felt). I used silver glittery cloth paint to outline the leaf and lines of the leaf. I glued safety pins on the back of the leafs to get them to pin to the kids. Everything I brought I got real cheap at Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby. 

For invites, I took black construction paper, folded them in half and cut out shields. On the front I drew with a silver pen, the tree Aragorn wore when he became king and all of the Gondordians wore on their shields. I put inside the invites a little saying ("Child's Name" invites you to join the Fellowship of the Ring on a noble quest across Middle Earth to celebrate her 8th birthday. Meet Gandalf at "Address" in the Shire of "City" on the "Birthday Date" at 1pm to 4pm, for an afternoon of Intrigue, Plotting, Scheming and possibly some Dastardly Deeds! R.S.V.P). There are two different tress, I drew a different one on each invite. I found that design on the L.O.T.R. costume site.  

For games, I had an introduction game. I put all the names of the characters on black cut up pieces of construction paper with a silver pen. I placed the names in a bag and as they arrived for the party they picked a name and signed a guest book with their real names and character's name. Once everyone arrived the kids had to introduce themselves and the name of the character they had. I had them give a fact about the character they chose.  I had a Ring Destroy game. It was like a treasure hunt. I placed the names of some of the movies places on black construction paper again with a silver pen. I hung them outside on trees. I then took trivia questions from the movie I located on the net. I printed them and cut and pasted them onto black construction paper. I placed them near every site (each clue had an envelope label with the teams number). I split the guest into 2 groups (make sure they knowledge of the movie is split good, don't place all the kids who never seen the movie on the same team and all the kids who have seen the movie together).

The first clue, was given to them at the starting point. Once they answered the clue they could turn over the clue to determine where to go next. Make each clue the same but place the next clue location different from the other team and have them start at the same place and end at the same place (all other clue locations different for each team). Mine started in Hobbiton and ended in Mount Doom to destroy the ring. I gave each team a ring and the first team had to throw it in the fires of Mount Doom (I filled a gold fish bowl with water and tinted the water red). The kids loved it and it was funny watching them run around trying to be the first team. After they did that the prize was a small treasure chest (got that from Party City) filled with candy. They split it among themselves.  

I had all the music from the 3 movies, with them I played musical chairs and gave away goblets with candy inside of them to the person who won. I had trivia questions regarding the that I would ask out of the blue and whomever answered correctly received a prize. I got some FRODO LIVES pins off eBay and goody party bags with Frodo on them for the kids to take home. I made from basic black ink pens feather pens. I wrapped ribbon around them after I attached a feather. I used glue to hold them in place. I also picked up some ink pens with fancy stones and ribbon on them at Wal-Mart for 75 cents. I put in the take home goody bags some candy but not much (they also took home the swords, the pins, ring necklaces and hats).  

Oh, let me not forget the adults. They had their fun as well. They played musical chairs with the kids and was trying to cheat with the ring hunt. For some of the adults, they gave me black shirts so I can put on the front and some backs (the one with the backs had L.O.T.R. on the front) of them the tree of Gondor (the women had the tree that top looks like a heart and the men had the tree that Aragorn wore) so they could wear them to the party. 

I served pizza, bread sticks with some pizza sauce, wings, and some tropical mango punch. I made a castle cake. I used ice cream cones as the points on the cake. I got that recipe from a site on the internet. Because the cake called for cupcakes to sit the ice cream cones on and I only needed 5, I used the remaining cupcakes as hobbit houses around the cake. And frosted some of the cones green for trees. I also served vanilla ice cream.   All and all it was a fun party. Everyone had fun, including the adults. My daughter will not forget this one!

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