Lord of the Rings Party

Lord of Rings -7yr- Personalized Shields




Jackie in New Providence, NJ


July 2006



Lord of the Rings  For his 7th birthday, my son planned his party.  He had recently viewed Lord of the Rings and wanted that for his theme.  On the invitation, we invited his friends to "come join the Elves, Trolls and Knights as we search for the Golden Ring and restore peace and harmony to our backyard!"  Our plans were to hang pictures of Orgs all over our back yard and hang a large mountain with fire coming out of it.  The Orgs and the mountain were drawn on cardboard.  We ran a string around the backyard (around trees and playsets)for each guest.  On one end of the string, we attached the guest's name and on the other end we attached a "gold" ring.  

Prior to the party, I cut out shields from poster board and stenciled each child's name on a shield.  I also card swords from cardboara and wrapped the "blade" part with duct tape.    As the guests arrived, we invited them into decorate their shields and swords.  Once all the guests had arrived and everyone finished decorating, my son briefly recounted the story, explaining that each guest needed to find his ring and then we had to get rid of the orgs.  With that, we sent everyone into the backyard to untangle the maze of string and find their ring. 

Then, we gathered the troops and explained that the orgs needed to be driven away by throwing water balloons at them.  We had buckets of water balloons (filled the day before) around the yard with an adult at each one.  The guests were instructed to find as many orgs as they could and throw water balloons at them.  After cooling off with the water balloon battle, we played our last game.  I had cut rings from cardboard and my children colored them gold.  We then drizzled glue on the rings and sprinkled them with gold glitter. 

We then played "Place the gold ring back in the mountain."  Each child was blindfolded, spun around and then given a ring to stick on the cardboard mountain.  After this we enjoyed cake and the children enjoyed a pretend battle with one another with their shields and swords.  The last activity was to break open a pinata painted like a mountain to receive a shower of candy and water balls as the reward for restoring peace and harmony to our yard.  In the treat bags, I included a character from Lord of the Rings.  The party was a hit and enjoyed but everyone, especially my son.

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