Littlest Pet Shop Party

Littlest Pet Shop -7yr- Musical Lily Pads




Amanda in Seaford, DE, USA


December 2009



INVITATIONS: My daughter loves Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) and wanted this theme for her 7th birthday. I bought my invites from an ebay store and asked that they say, Flutter on over and let's monkey around! It's ******'s 7th Birthday Party!!"

DECORATIONS: For decorations I used lots of bright colored streamers and balloons to match the LPS birthday supplies. I cutout big pawprints from construction paper to stick "walking" on the walls.

PARTY SNACKS: For the food table which we labeled Pet Shop Buffet I bought very cheap dollar store dog and cat food bowls. I labeled them accordingly with Fruit Bat Bites (grapes) Puppy Snacks (Grahm Cracker Scooby Snacks) Kitty Chow (Goldfish Crackers) Bunny Bites (mini carrots) Mouse Munchies (cheese cubes) Fish Food (worm gummies) and Frog Snacks (candy bugs). I also had pretzels chips and dip and Pet Shop Punch (frozen strawberry juice water and Sprite).

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: As the guests first arrived I had them sit at a table where there were colorful permanent markers (so it would dry and the ink wouldn't smear) foam stickers and regular stickers and I told them to start making their "pet houses" small chinese take-out boxes bought very inexpensively from ebay. They would later take their very own LPS pets home in them along with party favors.

Next we played 2 games Animal Simon Says (Simon says bark like a dog hop like a bunny act like a monkey swim like a fish etc.) and Pass the Pet (same as Hot Potato just used a stuffed animal).

Next was snack time and after that we played Musical Lily Pads just like Musical Chairs. The only difference was that I cut "lily pads" out of felt and layed them on the floor for the kids to walk around and then step on one when the music stopped.

Afterwards we played Pin the Tail on the Monkey. My dad drew us a very large picture of an LPS monkey. We colored all of it except the tail. I colored and cut the tails for the kids to use.

Next came caketime and then came the best part the Adoption Center.

I had bought a "lot" of LPS's from ebay which I labeled with numbers. I used a clear bead sorter from Wal-Mart for the "kennel." Now remember the pet houses the kids decorated? I had also bought some key tags from Wal-Mart and labeled them with the corresponding numbers of the Pet Shop animals. The key tags were already placed around the handle of the chinese take-out boxes and the boxes were randomly handed out to the kids when they arrived. This way not even I knew who would get which pet. I made small approximately 5x5 Adoption Certificates and had my daughter sign them. At the end of the party called out each pet's number and had that child bring their "pet house" to come adopt their new pet. When they came up I also put the rest of their party favors in the box.

PARTY FAVORS: These included mini gel pens mini notebooks a plastic bracelet candy necklaces LPS stickers bubbles and their adopted pets. The kids had a ton of fun and told my daughter at school how much they loved it!! Can't wait til next year party!!"

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