Littlest Pet Shop Party

Biggest Littlest Pet Shop - Pet Chow Buffet




Rose in Huntington, WV US


March 2008



Invitation: Use a photo of child with pet shop pets and create flier. I added the words The Biggest LITTLEST PARTY for CARLY as part of the graphic. Make the words to look like the pet shop logo and the paw print can have the child's age in it.

Decorations: Several websites on line have Littlest Pet Shop party decorations. Use these in combination with balloons and streamers. Customize a banner and have your child color the pets. Costumes: Each child receives a pet collar with name tag. Use paw print ribbon (bought at Walmart) and personalized tags made on the computer. You can download the LPS logo from Hasbro and add the childs name in a kid font (Marker Felt is a good one) Cut, laminate and hole punch each tag.

When the children arrive give them their tags and use face paint to give them animal noses and whiskers. Let them pick their colors so they all have unique faces. My daughter and I also wore matching LPS tshirts.

Party Snacks: Set up a Pet Chow Buffet. Use colorful bowls and fill with snacks that look like pet food. Download logos of each type of pet from Hasbro pet collection. Print pet logos and stick to bowls to identify the pet food. You can also put the actual pet shop pet next to the bowl. Give each child a styrofoam cup with lid and let them fill their bowl with a mix of all the foods. Put a sticker on top with their name so they can take a batch home also. Two of the bowls can have LPS stickers on bottom and those children win prizes.

Here's what we used:
1. Dog: Scooby bone shaped graham crackers

2. Puppy: Candy bonz from bulk candy store

3. Cat: Rainbow colored goldfish crackers

4. Rabbit: Reece's cereal

5. Bird: Sunflower seeds

6. Hamster: Seed and nut trail mix

7. Bat: Dried mix fruit

8. Frog: Candy bugs from bulk candy store

9. Fish: Neon sour gummy worms

10. Turtle: Yogos snacks

11. Monkey: Banana chips

12. Horse: Granola cereal (oats)

Each child also can get a goody bag of candy to take home. Make punch with rainbow sherbet and 7up.

Activities and Games:
1. Have a bird egg hunt. Fill eggs with candy and put LPS tags in two and they win a prize.

2. Animal print games - Download ten or more animal paw prints and print out. Hold them up and let the children guess what animal it is. You can also place them on the floor and play musical paw prints.

3. Guess animal sounds - Download animal sounds or imitate them yourself and have children guess the animal.

Cake: Use the graphic from the invitation of the birthday child with pets for the top of the cake. Another idea is to make a round cake (funfetti) and use the mouse and cupcake LPS with a number candle for the top. There is also a birthday LPS set that can be used. Add lots of colorful sprinkles. We did both - bakery photo cake and a homemade pet topped cake.

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