Little People Party

Little People Party -2yr- Little People Cake




Nancy in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA


Jan 2003



Little People 2nd Birthday Pary: 

For our son's 2nd Birthday, we decided to do a Fisher Price Little People birthday party.  It was difficult to decide a 'theme', so we went with what he enjoyed the most! 

We were able to get Little People party supplies online (only available on about 4 sites as of now), including party hats, cups, napkins, and favors that were little people holding gifts! 

The cups even were available with sipper lids for children too little for a 'regular' cup! 

The cake was a standard bakery cake, but we decorated it with a number 2 candle and actually stuck some of his little people in the icing. 

Our invitations were done on the computer with a graphic of Eddie, and it said "Eddie and all his little people friends invite you to celebrate Zachary's 2nd Birthday Party". 

We held the party at our house, and had Little People videos running during the party. 

Each place setting at the kitchen table had a coloring sheet (available on the F-P website) and three crayons for each child to take home.  We put the Little People favors and small sized Play-Doh colors in each bag for each child. 

Around the living room and kitchen, we had lots of our son's Little People toys out for all the children to play with (they ranged in age from 2 to 3 1/2).  We took pictures of each child with the birthday boy, both in party hats, and mailed them with the thank-you notes for gifts. 

Everything went really well and was very age appropriate for 2 to 3 year olds!

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