Little People Party

Little People Party -4yr- Picture Invite




Rachel in Farmington Hills, MI USA


January 2001



We are planning a Little People (Fisher Price) birthday party for our 4 year old daughter.

After agonizing for  weeks on unique theme ideas, I wanted the theme based on something my daughter enjoys. The most obvious thing was overlooked for a long time she plays creatively for hours with her Little People.

The invitation is a photo of  all her Little People framing a white board with all the  pertinent info on it. I've ordered various Little People  from Fisher Price separately as party favors, and to  decorate the table.

They run about $2 a piece from Fisher  Price' Bits and Pieces Catalog.  I'm hoping to blow up a picture of her favorite Little  People to decorate the party room.

I've found a cake  decorator who will do a cake with a Little People picture. 

I'm till working on game ideas, but since most of the  attendees are young 3's (she's the oldest in her preschool  class) there probably won't be too much organized  stuff…

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