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Hello Kitty Party -3yr- Hello Kitty Ears




Cailean in Seattle, WA  USA


January 2007


Honorable Mention

My daughter has loved Hello Kitty for quite awhile and wanted that to be the theme of her party when she turned 3. I looked on this site and saw only a few choices and they were mostly for older kids. There's so much out there that's Hello Kitty, but Hello Kitty doesn't do" too much so I knew I would have to come up with my own ideas. I really wanted to make it fun since Hello Kitty seems fun and Springtime and full of flowers and hearts etc.

INVITATION: Since my older daughter had recently done a drawing of Hello Kitty I simply color-copied that onto cardstock with the words "Come to my sister's Hello Kitty birthday party!" with the details and signed it my older daughter's name as if the entire thing was from her for her sister's party.

DECORATIONS: I wanted to transform our dining room/kitchen area into a little play area and make it a big Hello Kitty scene. I found lots of HK images online and enlarged them to be big - her head was as big as an 8.5x11" piece of paper for example. I then printed those out and traced them onto color-appropriate paper. I made about 7 of those all doing different things - some were sitting standing etc. All from colored cardstock or construction paper (cheap!).

Since some boys were coming I knew there was a "boy Hello Kitty" named Dear Daniel so I made one of him. In our dining area I covered the walls with blue paper for the sky and green paper for the grass. I also made little hills and trees flowers etc. Some were small so they looked off in the distance and some were larger. All were taped on and sky/grass big papers were duct taped on the wall with tape covered with white paper so it wasn't visible.

I also had clouds and one of the HK's was floating away into the clouds while holding construction paper balloons. I'd also found some inflatable HK's off ebay that the girls loved to hold. they were about 18" tall. We also had a bunch of pink balloons lying around that the kids liked. I'd put some Hello Kitties around our place - front door and bathroom mirror. Fun surprises. And to make it more personal I found about 10 funny pictures of my daughter over the last year and taped those onto a long cardboard strip covered with HK wrapping paper and then taped up onto the wall above our mantel. I'd also made a swing fro HK in the dining area hanging off our dining room lamp. The kids loved pushing her on the swing (she was taped on).

ACTIVITIES: When the kids arrived they each got a set of Hello Kitty ears (white felt cut out into ears and hot glued to the headband - the boys got a plain ears headband and the girls got one with a pink felt bow added on). The boys also got a Dear Daniel bowtie tied around their necks - very cute! So I made big paper trees from paper and taped those up to the sky/grass papers - between the trees I had a HK holding a clothespin - I also nailed up string between the trees. The game was to pin up HK clothes (made from more paper) to dry.

Another activity was basketball with a hoop I'd taken from their room and nailed to the wall with a paper backboard added etc. I'd also made a HK holding a basketball standing near the hoop. They had fun trying to make a basket. For each activity they got a little prize (see below).

The last activity was to pick an "apple" off the tree. I'd found some boxes of HK gum that I'd then taped on the front some paper apples and then those were taped onto the trees. The first activity and the one they kept coming back to was the final decoration a big big cardboard box I'd transformed into a big pink house with doors and the side covered with Color Wonder paper - I gave them Color Wonder fingerpaints and they had fun decorating the house! Mess free!

FAVORS: For the prizes they got: Hello Kitty fruit snacks (found in grocery stores) Hello Kitty gum and Hello Kitty strawberry sticks (both found at asianfoodgrocer.com).

FOOD: I tried to stick to a red/pink/white theme with hearts etc. Since a lot of kids were coming I needed it to be simple. I cut out English muffins into hearts and baked them into little pizzas had jello with bananas made and spooned into individual cups with spoons. I'd also found some Hello Kitty food picks that I'd then made little origami boats stuck the pick in and through and then put a boat in each jello cup. Food also was string cheese Yogos red apples cut up with dip red grapes lemonade etc. The cupcakes were really cute: Frosted white a white wafer cut into triangles and stuck in for ears pink Good N Plentys put on for a bow M&Ms for eyes (brown) and nose (yellow) and then chocolate Pocky sticks cut into little whiskers and stuck in (3 on each side).

Overall it was a fun party. The big hits were the HK on a swing the house and the food!"

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