Game Show Party

Deal or No Deal Party -10yr- Briefcase Invites




Cindy in Vacaville, CA USA


January 2008



My daughter's Deal of No Deal gameshow party was FUN! 

Start with invitations made from silver metallic paper. An 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook paper made two invites. I made them into small silver briefcases with silver handles.  On each case were numbers just like the show from simple black scrapbook stickers and in the corner I printed out on paper and attached the word Open the Case (just like Howie says)!It read CONGRATULATIONS!  You have been chosen as a contestant on Deal or No Deal, the #1 gameshow sweeping the country!  Millions entered but few were chosen to play at the show's biggest event of the season Cassidy's 10th Birthday!!, Date:, Time: etc. 

Host:  The one & only Howie Mandel!  Don't Miss out on your chance to win $1,000,000.00* (In small print I included..Promotional Consideration provided by the following sponsor: Scoon Industries, Inc. *Disclaimer:  Any real or implied chances for winning monies issued by the U.S. Government are strictly preposterous, this is just a little ole birthday party!! Scoon Inc. shall not be held liable in a court of law for any pretend winnings!!)Each child played the TV dvd edition of the game on our big screen. 

There were a few kids on the side acting like the support people, helping choose case numbers & advising on whether to take the deal.  We also got a few Staples red Easy" buttons as part of the play & for decorations.  We changed the words to No Deal or Deal. The biggest winner and lowest winner won a real silver briefcase (10 x 7)loaded with goodies too just like the show and I attached black & gold balloons to the handles. 

The color scheme was black gold & silver.  Even the hotdogs were wrapped in silver concession style foil. 

The cake was decorated with white and green icing and looked like a hundred dollar bill!  (just enlarge some play money and they can hoto transfer it onto the cake)

All departing contestants received silver 5 x 7 case style purses (from the dollar store) filled with pretend money chocolate coins gummy candy in packaged in $100 bill paper (Oriental Trading) $100 bill pencils and lots of other stuff! Along with a note that read:  OK so it's not the silver case with the $1000 but please accept this beautiful silver bag filled with lots of goodies and prizes as a parting gift…a value worth over 10000.00 smiles and thank you for playing Deal or No Deal.

When we opened gifts my daughter of course got the largest silver case (about 18 x 12) that I embellished just like the show and I left all the makeup inside…perfect for a 10 year old girl!

The kids had a blast and it was a perfect indoor party when the weather was bad.  If you really play up the decorations and colors it's great. If you have no budget you can give each kid a silver suitcase instead as a goodie bag. Have fun!"

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