Game Show Party

Deal/No Deal Party -12yr- 13 Shoe Boxes




Blake in Seminole, FL U.S.A.


June 2008


Honorable Mention

For my 12th birthday I wanted something original. One night, my mom came up with the idea of a Deal or No Deal Party. I loved it!

INVITATIONS: For these I made a flyer with the who, what, where, when, and why, in orange and black writing. I copied and pasted a deal or no deal symbol  onto it. I said to bring their bathing suit and towel because I have a pool. I invited 5 people, 6 including me. They also all slept over.

DECORATIONS: (Preparations)I planned on having everyone get a chance to be Howie (the host), a model, a contestant, and an audience member. Before the party there is a lot to do. I made a script for Howie. Basically just saying like Welcome to Deal or No Deal: Party Style. My name is Howie I will be your host. Our contestant today is (blank). Are you ready to play? Ok. Pick 4 cases. And so on. I used 13 cases. This is half of the real number, 26, and my birthday is the 13th. (More on the script/ how to play later.) Also I got a poster board, popsicle sticks, and velcro. I made a nice looking outline on the poster. Wrote Deal or No Deal at the top.

Then I came up with 13 amounts of money. As low as 1 penny to I think $1000 or something. I put these on the popsicle sticks. Then arranged them with velcro so they could be stuck on and pulled off easily. For the cases, I went to a shoe store and asked them for 13 shoe boxes about the same size. They gladly gave them to me because they throw them away anyways. I got a few colors of spray paint. Then I Spray painted the front and sides of the boxes. I labeled them 1-13 with a big black marker. I printed out, on index cards, the money amounts. Then made it so they would velcro into any of the boxes. (d├ęcor) Our main theme was orange. We decorated the game area with streamers.

GAME: The day of the party, we waited for everyone to get to my house. We all went up to my room. The game was taking place on my pool deck. So my mom and me had earlier hung the money amount board, made a stand for the contestant out of an end table, put chairs for audience, a stand for Howie, and positioned the boxes (the deal button was taken out of a Taboo game). While in my room we basically just talked while my mom and brother downstairs placed the cards of money in the boxes. Then they called us down. I was the first Howie. In my room we decided the other places.

There was a Howie, a model for the boxes, a model for the money amount board, a contestant, and two audience members. On Howies desk was my phone (set to a plain ringer) and inside my brother had my moms phone (this made the calling free). The game started picking your own case and setting it on the stand with the button. Then, picking 4 boxes.

As the amounts were revealed they were pulled off the amount board. After these four my brother called (my house is layed out with big windows around my patio and my living room off to the side. So he could watch the game and still stay unseen) He was the banker. My mom gave him a reasonable amount. Sometimes we got silly and he was making us mad purposely by not calling. Then it went to 3 boxes. Then 2. Then 1. Then you can swap or stay with your case. The contestant revealed their own case. They got paper money from the dollar store. Unless they had the penny. Then they got a real penny. Haha. We did this until everyone had a turn.

ACTIVITIES: After the game we went in the pool and played my own family's addition of volleyball. Also some other small games. Then we also had a pinata. We watched HBO movies and stayed up talking.

PARTY SNACKS: We had sodas and chips set out. Also bags of candy in bowls were everywhere. We had McDonalds for Dinner.

CAKE: I made my own cake because I love to bake. It was a big square cake with green fondant and my name in Pink on the top. It had fondant balls bordering it with lots of polka dots. We forgot to flavor the fondant so we just peeled it off when we came to eating it. This took a lot of work.

FAVORS: They got goody bags of more candy and some silly things like play-do and slinkys. They had their bags of pinata candy. Also I ordered off the internet a cute customized candy bar. Just the wrapper. We wrapped candy bars ourselves. This party took a lot of work but not a lot of money if you plan it right.

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