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Football Bash -9yr- Pin Football on 1st Down






Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

Football bash 9yr old My son loves football so this past Jan 31, 2004 we had a Football theme birthday party for his 9th b-day. 

For the invitations I found these really cute football shaped napkins, I scanned one in my computer and was able to fit 4 to a 8 x 11 sheet of poster paper, I cut to shape and wrote  the following on a smaller piece of lght blue paper also shaped like a football, "FOOTBALL SEASON IS ALMOST OVER MICHAEL WANTS YOU TO COME ON OVER AND CELEBRATE HIS 9TH BIRTHDAY WITH A FOOTBALL BASH" we listed the the date,time and address and a small note at the bottom asking everyone to where their favorite NFL team shirt, jersey, hat etc. we glue these to the backs of the football cards and decorated with small football stickers, we hand deliver most of them, we invited his whole 3rd grade class 24 kids, family and friends bringing my total to 37 kids and 30 some adults.

We had the party at our neighborhood playground that has three large shelters and plenty of picnic tables, 2 BBQ grills and a large playround for the kids to run and play. Using the following colors blue, green, silver, yellow, orange and red we decorated all three shelters with 100 hellium filled balloons and streamers.

I also found football lights, and inflatable footballs that had all around the playground for the kids to play with, all 8 tables used were decorated with football theme table covers football centerpieces and balloons we also spread confetti all over the tables. We also had football theme plates, cups, napkins etc.

We only had one project for the kids to do as they arrived they were taken to a table that was set up with markers, crayons,and stickers and they had their choice of white, blue or green lunch bag that they were to decorate these were for them to collect their prizes and goodies, once all the kids had arrived and they were done decorating their bags we pinned all the bags to a clothes line we put up between two trees, I then placed a small bottle of bubbles, sheet of sticker, football cards, and football shaped cookie that said thanks for coming to my party I had made these day before and wrapped in clear wrap and tied with a small string. 

We started the games which my husband was in  charge game 1 we found a an inflatable football player with a catching net on oriental trading company, the kids had to throw a football into the net (not really easy) my winner received a candy filled watch, which was put in his bag.

Game 2 also purchased from oriental trading an inflatable field goal post with football, the kids to kick the ball through the field goalthe winner won a small container of playdou and cookie cutter also put in their bags, this game the kids really enjoyed and asked to play again.

Game 3 was pin the football on the first down like pin the tail purchased from party city, winners received sidewalk chalk, playdough, and candy filled watches, last game was a football pinata all the kids collected their loot in their decorated bags.

FOOD we had BBQ fare, hotdogs, hamburgers,meatball subs, baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, assorted chips and dips, cheese and deli meat all served in football shaped platters, we also had three large coolers filled with ice and an assortment of soft drinks, gatorate, juice pouches, and small bottles of water,

CAKE since we had a large amount of people I made 2  9x13 sheets one was vanilla with chocolate frosting and the other a banana with whip cream icing placed side by side both decorated with green (food coloring) coconut flakes to look like grass these were to resemble a football field  we addded a field goal post and football players and football candles and the cakes look great. Everyone had a good time at the party and let me tell you almost everyone wore an NFL jersey, T-shirt,or hat we even had someone show up with their face and hair painted in their favortie team colors.

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