Chef Cooking Party

Football Party - The Backyard Field




Nichole in Canton, MI, USA


October 2008



My son is nuts for football so this year his party had a fooball theme. 

Invitations: I went to the local scrapbook store and was able to cut out my own die cuts in the shape of footballs, helmets and (for the girls) cheerleaders.  We glued these to postcards (we are Steelers fans at our house so the colors were black and yellow)and then used computer printed labels to layout the who/what/where/when. 

Decorations:  I painted our backyard to look like a football field but smaller using field marking spray paint.  I then hung multi colored string pennants along our fence and swing set to give our yard more of a stadium feel.  I also posted the string pennant in the front lawn to mark our house as the party place. 

Activities: The kids each received a football tattoo and then everyone was able to decorate a wooden peg board shaped like a football. 

Games:  We played football toss on the field, hot potato football and as a finale for the games the children divided into two teams on each side of the football field and kicked a football pinata back and forth.  The football pinata was homemade and very tough to crack open!  The kids had a blast with this. 

Food:  We had cake from the local grocery store and they drew a football player on the cake holding a football.  For ice cream I pre-scooped into muffin cups and put back into the freezer, this made serving time super easy. 

Favors:  Each child received a plastic cup with footballs on it, and inside was a whistle shaped like a football, a tootsie pop sucker, spirit beads, a football pencil and some halloween stickers since it was almost halloween.

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