Fairy Princess Party

Fairy Princess Tea 5yr - Wing Costume




Selina in Laredo, Texas USA


July 2008



I have a five year old who could not decide if she wanted fairies or a princess tea party so I decided to combine the two to come up with this FAIRY PRINCESS TEA PARTY. 

I first sent out handmade invitations to each child which my girls and I prepared out of a foamies pack from Michael's which was supposed to be used to make a picture frame.  Instead of placing a picture in the middle of the foamies frame, I used my computer to create an invitation detailing the birthday party girl's name, our address and time of the Fairy Princess Tea Party.  I also included a reminder to all to B.Y.O.P.S. (bring your own princess shoes). 

I moved around my furniture in my home in order to accomodate 10 of my child's closest girl friends.  I converted several rooms of my home into 5 different stations. 

As each of the 10 young girls entered my home, they entered through the front door decorated with balloons and a huge princess crown made out butcher paper/cardboard paper, crayons, markers and pretend jewels.  Each child was greeted at the door and presented with a small basket full of handmade coupons which corresponded to each individual station. 

I decorated my home with pink, purple and white balloons and large colorul signs which corresponded to each small coupon they had in their basket.  Each girl was to reach into their basket and pull out a coupon which matched the sign above the room to which they chose to enter.  If they chose the coupon shaped like a dress then they would enter the Boutique Shop" and be dressed into their own princess dress (which my child's grandmother sewed for each child). 

In the Boutiqe Shop they also received their own set of wings which they placed over their princess dresses and a feathery crown and princess wand. 

If they chose the coupon shaped like a jeweled crown then they would enter the "Jewelry Shop" where they were adorned with their own heart ring heart necklace and heart earrings.  If they chose the coupon shaped like a pretty girl's face then they would go to the room transformed into a "Beauty Shop" where they would have someone style their hair with barrettes given to them and also be made up with little girl makeup and have their nails painted in pink. 

If they chose the coupon shaped like a sandwich they would head towards the "Bakery" where they helped assist in preparing the tea sandwiches they were to eat.  If they chose the coupon shaped like a teacup they would join in the "Cafe" where they would all gather to eat tea sandwiches shaped with cookie cutters into flower and crown shapes fruit skewers drink strawberry tea in teacups with straws that were adorned with flowers made from colored pipecleaners. 

Once all the girls visited each room they all sang happy birthday to the birthday girl while they enjoyed their own individual size cake shaped into a teacup. 

Each child was able to take home with them their own princess dress crown wings princess wand and were also given a picture of each of them dressed in their princess costume. In addition they were also given a party bag full of assorted candies a candy necklace and candy bracelet.  This party was a big hit with the children as well as the adults.       "

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