Fairy Princess Party

Fairy Princess Party 6yr - Pin Horn on Unicorn




Michele in Cincinnati, OH  USA


March 2007



For my daughter Madison's 6th birthday she decided she wanted a Fairy Tale party.  We held the party at our local library in the meeting room (which has the big plus of being FREE!). There is a large mural of children's storybook characters on one of the walls so it tied in nicely.  

INVITATION:  I printed the invitations out on a parchment-looking paper using a fancy font.  We rolled them up and tied them with curling ribbon.  My daughter then passed them out to her classmates and fellow girl scouts.  They read:    Once upon a time In a land not far away The kingdom was gathering for a   Fairy Tale Party  In celebration of  Madison's 6th Birthday!  Saturday, July 1st 3:00 -  4:30 p.m. The XXXXXXX XXXXXX Library Meeting Room  R.S.V.P. by June 24th to XXX-XXXX  Please come dressed as your favorite  Fairy tale character! 

All of the guests arrived dressed as they're favorite princess or storybook character.  We had my daughter's dress up trunk filled with extra accessories and clothes just in case. 

DECORATIONS:  In addition to the mural, we filled the room with pink and purple balloons.  I purchased Fairy Tale plates, cups, etc. from the dollar store and filled out the rest of the decorations with pictures of unicorns, princesses and knights I printed off of the computer.   

STATIONS/ACTIVITIES:  I love having stations at parties.  The guests can move from one activitiy to the next without things getting too crowded or messy.  We had tables set up with the following:   

1.  Princess coloring pages (with glitter crayons, of course!);

2.  Pretty Pretty Princess make-overs, where I gave the girls light make-up and glitter spray;

3.  Magic Wands - I bought long lollipop sticks and shiny pinkish-purple stars from the craft store.  The girls taped the stars to the sticks and we decorated them with curling ribbon and long strips of tulle.  Beautiful and EASY;

4.  Princess Crowns/Tiaras - I found some templates of princess crowns online that the girls could color and cut out.   

GAMES:  We played Pin the Horn on the Unicorn (using a picture of a unicorn I drew on a large sheet of posterboard), Pass the Teapot and Magic Wishing Well (I blew bubbles for the girls to catch/pop - they had to make a wish every time they popped one).  I also had two other games ready that we didn't have time for.  They were Cross the Moat (I cut out 4 lilly pads from green construction paper - divided guests into 2 teams and have girls cross from one end of the room to the other by stepping on the lilly pads) and Sleeping Beauty (Freeze Tag but the girls had to fall asleep" and couldn't "wake up" until someone gave them a "kiss" = Hersheys Kiss).  

After the games we had a Disney Princess castle pinata (a pull-string kind since we were indoors). 

We finished up the party with a Fairy Tale birthday cake purchased at the grocery store bakery and presents.  The guests went home with their crowns coloring pages magic wands and candy from the pinata.  In all it turned out to be a very easy inexpensive party.  Can't wait until the next one!  "

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