Fairy Party

Fairy Adventure 7yr - Wizard of the Woods




Josh in Eugene, OR USA


May 2005



Fairy Adventure - 7th birthday   Yes, another fairy party. But this one’s different. It’s a fairy adventure that involves party-goers in a  magical fairy world from the time they receive their invitations until they leave the party. Our goal  was to bring the adventure to life and have everything at the party play an integral part  making  the adventure more realistic. The whole party for eight girls, including food, décor and party  favors they received along the way was around $50.  

Two weeks before the party, we sent out letters to the invitees printed in script on pink butterfly  printer paper from the dollar store. They read: My dear fairy friend, I bring you very grave news  from the Enchanted Briar, where I am queen. An evil wizard has cast a spell and taken the good  magic from the Briar. My powers are not strong enough to fight him alone and bring peace back to  my home in time to celebrate my 7th birthday. I need your help! Please meet me and my dearest  fairy friends from across the land at the Briar on Sunday, May 29th, 1-3 p.m. You’ll find us at 1234  Sweetbriar Lane dressed in our finest fairy attire. Send a message as soon as possible to let me  know I can count on your help. I do hope you can come. Your friend, Savanna of the Enchanted  Briar. 

One girl was so excited, she and her mom drove 30 minutes to drop off a personal RSVP the next  day. Another enthusiastically stated, I’ll do it!  Guests were greeted by colored streamer ribbons from the front yard trees, flower décor from the  dollar store, construction paper butterflies (that continued throughout the house), twinkle lights on  the porch and door, a Welcome Fairies! Sign, and dreamy music that felt as if you were walking  through a magical forest. Upon entering, fairies were ushered into the living room to await  everyone’s arrival.

Here, the Sky Fairy and the Earth Fairy (costumed mom and aunt) helped them  make their own magic amulets that would help protect them on their journey. In essence, these  were Shrinky Dinks. We used fairy/wizard/dragon/unicorn clip art downloaded from the web. We  punched holes in the amulets before baking and tied each one to their wrists. The girls all imagined  what powers they were putting into the amulets, like The ability to become invisible or change into  anything. Soft, magical music played in the background. 

When everyone finished, the good Wizard of the Woods made a grand entrance (Dad) with wooden  staff, cloak, beard/wig, spellbook (vintage-looking book from thrift store), and magic bag. He  welcomed the fairies and outlined the mission ahead, warning of the dangers, telling them to stay  together for more power, and to look for small fairies (cut-outs) to show them where to go next. He gave out special jobs to everyone: Mapbearer (to hold the map of the Briar we had drawn), a  Navigator to help decipher the map, three Spellcasters who would need to take the spell the wizard  gives them and chant it three times whenever evil appeared during the journey, and a wizard hunter  who would be on the lookout for the evil wizard’s minions.

The birthday girl got to read the clues  which the wizard gave out in an envelop before each leg of the journey. The wizard of the woods  also gave out special glass vial necklaces (33 cents each online) and were told they would need  these later.   And with that, they were given the first clue, which led them downstairs (following the strand of  twinkle lights) to the Cave of Lightning (room with strobe light) in search of the emerald unicorn  horn (horn-shaped green lava lamp) where they would find magic rings (rave rings that light up  from OTC). The girls exited this room through a second doorway that led into a tunnel (boxes piled  up on both sides and covered with blankets).

They emerged in the Mystic Meadow which was  decorated with butterflies, flowers, and twinkle lights ad had magical music playing. Here, the  fairies were to make rainbow flower hair wreaths (silk flowers from OTC leis strung onto two  entwined pipe cleaners). This task, when complete, would help restore the magic to the flowers and  meadows of the Briar. To test this, at the end of the activity, the wizard took from his magic bag a  mystery pouch of jewel dust from the jewel mines of the north (pop rocks from OTC).  Fairies were  to taste the dust and if it felt alive in their mouths, the magic was coming back.  

Next, they traveled to an outside covered deck where we had created a fairy ring from upside-down  paper cups and painted paper bowls (looked like Wonderland toadstools). Décor included dollar  store flowers, butterflies, and a tree branch with a Halloween raven in it  the first of three evil  wizard signs. When the girls spotted it, the wizard of the woods consulted his spellbook and gave  them a spell to chant to protect them from the evil. With all the fairies in the ring, the wizard  explained what a fairy ring was and said that they would now have the chance to dance in the ring  to music (Celtic). When the music stopped, they must stop and whoever didn’t, would have to step  out of the ring. The remaining fairy would get to lead them all to the next stop. They had great fun  here and ended it by tasting the jewel dust again to confirm that they had restored the magic to the  earth. 

The next clue led them down the steps of the back deck and out onto a forest trail. Along the way,  they met the second evil wizard representative  a wood elf (ugly Halloween mask) who used to be  the prince. The fairies used their light rings and another spell was chanted, lifting the evil wizard’s  spell and the elf turned back into the prince (took off mask). Everyone was relieved. Further along  the trail the fairies came across a patch of magic strawberries (chocolate-covered strawberries,  wrapped in plastic wrap and stuck in the ground on wooden BBQ skewers) that they got to pick and  eat to give them more good magic.

After eating, they continued to the Rainbow Bridge (an actual  foot bridge over a creek bed). On the other side of the bridge was a dragon (the king in a dragon  mask under the spell of the evil wizard.) The task, as the clue stated, was to go, one by one, to the  end of the bridge, where there was a small wooden treasure chest (thrift store) filled with magic  dust (sand and glitter). They were to fill their glass vial necklaces with this dust for extra protection.  But first, they had to chant a third spell (by this time, the girls were frantically using their light rings  and screaming to the Wizard of the Woods to give them the next spell quickly). Once chanted, the  dragon turned back into the king, who thanked them for helping and, in turn, helped them fill their  glass vials.  

They then got another clue, which guided them back along the trail closer to the house where the  sky fairy was waiting with two kinds of bubbles. One was edible (by PEZ) and the other was  catchable (Catch A Bubble  these harden in the air, making them catchable). The fairies had to first  catch as many bubbles in their mouths as possible (this was funny), then each catch one in their  hands in order to move on to the next stop. Again, the wizard tested the magic with pop rocks.  

At this point the wizard announced that the fairies had now restored magic to the flowers and  meadows, the earth, and the air and the Briar was once again safe. As a thank you, they would be  allowed to take away some of the Briar’s magic to their own lands. They were led to an area with a  pile of soil, flowers, and pretty dollar store pots and were allowed to plant their own flowers to take  home. They all celebrated the victory with fairy cakes (jelly-filled vanilla cupcakes decorated with  wings  find recipes online) and flower nectar (papaya nectar).  

Even the moms who stayed had a blast going along on this adventure. We sent out thank you notes  on paper similar to the invites that thanked the fairies for helping to save the Briar and for their  bravery and magic. The birthday girl then wrote a personal thank you at the bottom.  After the party, our daughter told me that this was the Best birthday she ever had and will ever  have. Couldn’t ask for a better thank you!

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