Egyptian Party

Ancient Egyptian -6yr- Pharaoh Hats




Dawn in Iraan, TX USA


August 2004



Ancient Egyptian Party  6 years old       

For my son's 6th birthday he wanted a Mummy and Pyramid Party.  I did my best to make it a special day.  I sent out simple invitations with clip art of the pyramids and a camel with all the details of the party.  Later, for the thank you notes, I used mummy clip art to make my own.

To decorate I took pictures and hieroglyphics from library books and drew them on large sheets of brown craft paper.  (I found a large roll of paper at Office Depot.)  I then put them up on the walls and angled them to the middle of the ceiling to make our dining room look like the interior of a pyramid. 

I used a gold tablecloth and paper goods along with plastic jewelry, plastic gold coins, toy scorpions, snakes, gold circles confetti, and any container I could find around the house that looked like it might go into the treasure room of the pyramid. 

I used the brown paper and paint to make a sarcophagus (a mummy case)and set it in a corner. I made Pharaoh hats out of white material and gold ribbon with a gold paper cobra (FamilyFun.com) and gold Pharaoh collars from paper plates and gold paint.   The children dressed up and then played games. 

We played Egyptian tug of war and mummy relays with toilet paper to make the mummies.  We painted small sarcophaguses that could be stuffed with paper to make them look like a mummy was inside and I had the alphabet in heiroglyphics so they could write their names like Egyptians. 

The cake was a pyramid drizzled with frosting and then had crushed Pecan Sandies dumped over it. 

The take home treats were in a pyramid shaped box with a large ring, Hershey's Treasures, Rolos, a plastic scorpian, and a small plastic frog.  They also took home their hat and collar. 

Every one had a great time and it was a learning experience as well.  Due to the age of the children, I did not use pictures of the Egyptian gods, but used picturs dipicting everyday life instead.

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