Egyptian Party

Egyptian Sleepover -8yr- Scroll Invitation




Debrah in Tampa, Fl   USA


March 2004



For my son's 8th birthday, he wanted an Egyptian Sleepover party.  I started planning 3 months in advance.  I started with the invitation which was printed on gold parchment paper, I attached a dowel rod (painted gold) to the top and bottom and to the gold rods I glued gold painted wooden balls to the ends.

The invitation was written in Egyptian symbols (which I found on the internet)with the letters for the symbols on another sheet, so they could solve the Egyptian code.  Word this anyway you like. 

I then started seaching for foods and drink from Egypt.  I found that chicken was a delicacy and they usually eat it in kabob form.  So I marinated chicken strips and skewered them (grilled).  As for the other foods I made a spicy (you decide how spicy) potatoes and a family recipe fresh corn.  I also had dates, nuts and coconut slices for finger foods. 

We drank out of coconut cups (virgin pina coladas).  We had a cookie cake made with an egyptian warrior, pyramids and palm trees on it. We also had vanilla ice cream with cookie crumbs (makes it look like sand).  I also decorated the bottom of an upside down platter with different candies (made to look like Nefratiti's neck jewelry. 

For decorations around the house (inside and out) I bought mummy stuff from Oriental Trading.  For the walls I painted butcher paper to look like blocks and attached them to the walls.  I also did this for the door.  When you entered the house it was as if you were entering the pyramid. 

When the boys arrived they each received a canvas backpack that included a lidded cup (with their name on it), a flash light and a treasure map.  When they went on their treasure hunt they found gold nugget gum, marbles, snake pens and snake skin covered notebook.  The boys like to still do crafts so we made King Tut head dresses and wrist cuffs. 

They also made mini mummies out of srips of gauze.  The boys also dressed up like mummies (toilet paper).  I took a picture of each boy.  This then became part of my thank you.  I made fun foam picture frames (decorated and a magnet on the back.  My son wrote his thank you on the back.  When it was time to settle down we put on Scooby Doo movies (they have mummy ones). 

We didn't think the movie The Mummy was appropriate at this time.  But you might.  I hope you have as good a time as I did with this party.

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